"Mechanical Nano who Creates Unique Objects"
User: Marion
Campaign: Numenera
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Nano/1
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0

Stats -
Might – Pool 8, Edge 0
Speed – Pool 11, Edge 0
Intellect – Pool 17, Edge 1
Caret is a Mechanical Nano who Crafts Unique Objects

Caret has been around complex devices and strange machinery his whole life. As a small child he would watch his mother and father work to fix or craft all sorts of wondrous devices from scraps and junk collected all over the Steadfast. His toys were things that whirred and buzzed and hopped around the room - and his childhood pet was an autonomic levitating sphere that would follow Caret around and communicate with him through a rudimentary language of tones they developed over the years of his early youth.

Since he was eight years old Caret would also accompany his parents on their trade and scavenging trips to various sites, cities, and markets across the nine kingdoms.

These trips provided Caret an opportunity to experience wonders he never thought could exist despite the stories. And he witnessed firsthand how his mother and father worked their trade in strange and wondrous artifacts. The "family business" as they called it involved the care and feeding of numenera which were fixed or created by his parents and ultimately sold directly to buyers or put up for sale in his uncle's shop - Malvor's Magnificent Oddities and Machineries.

When he was eleven, Caret was traveling back from Navarene with his parents when a sudden storm blew in. They quickly erected their shelter and hid from the storm - but there must have been some flaw or break in their shield and they ended up open to the ravaging effects of the Iron Wind. When he regained consciousness - his mother and father had been turned to metal replicas of their former selves - but Caret had been not only spared but had been transformed somehow. He found that he could now sense the nature of numenera in a way he was never able to before. He could almost feel their essence when in proximity and could see visions of how they operate when examining them closely. With his newfound efficacy with the numenera he was also able to see clearly that the shield generator on their portable shelter had been sabotaged and what had happened to them was not an accident.

After losing his parents to the Iron Wind – Caret lived with his uncle and worked in the store. The device rich environment of the shop was a wonderful proving ground for his new abilities and as time passed he became more and more adept with the machineries around him. And as his abilities grew, so did the anger and need for revenge against whoever it was that killed his parents. His time with his uncle lasted until Caret was fourteen - when fate once again took a hand in shaping his life. On that fateful night about a week after his fourteenth birthday Caret was downstairs in the shop basement gathering some wire scraps when the force of an explosion from the shop above knocked him down. There was no permanent injury to Caret – but his uncle, the shop, and pretty much all of their possessions were lost to the explosion and ensuing fire.

Since then, Caret has been a creature of the streets in Qi. His intelligence and affinity for things mechanical made him a valuable tool for the local underworld – and he is able to earn a living doing odd jobs for the seedier elements of the city. His hope is that he can also gain some knowledge of what really happened to his parents. And to his uncle, whose demise he can also not believe was an accident.

Skills -
Identifying or understanding the numenera,
Identifying the function of any kind of device

Abilities -
Hedge Magic,
Numenera Training,
Practiced with Light Weapons,
Sense Magic

Drawbacks and Inabilities -
Tasks involving charm. persuasion, or deception

Armor - Heavy-3, Medium-2, Light-1, None-0

Attacks - Knife: 2 damage

Numenera – Cypher limit 3