Beralt Justafuston

"I've cut through many foes, what makes you any different?"
User: Dan
Campaign: Kiera's Blades
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/4
Beralt Justafuston: Mercenary from Redmoon. Ambitious and strong, he plans to fight the foes that others could not stand toe-to-toe with, and cleave them in two.
Born and raised in Orkahne of the Mercenary Republic, Beralt as been living the life of a mercenary the moment he could pick up a blade. Starting out killing rats in the basement of a pillow-crazed housekeeper, he has now been hunting game outside of the city to stock the local inns. He is tired of the city, however, knowing that there is a vast world for him to explore.

His brother went missing many years ago, when he was little. A surprise raid upon his home, some thieves from Koffer decided to extend their "territory". They abducted the infant Jerald from the home, while Beralt and his father, James, were left to fight off one of the scoundrels. The alarms were sounded, but that thief escaped into the night. Beralt's mother assumed the worse, and could only grieve. James, on the other hand, takes out the frustration on himself with his alcoholism, but also on Beralt. Beralt endured what he could until he was 17, when he left the house one night when his father struck him. Since that night, he keeps little contact with his father, forcing him the same little contact with his mother.

He has worked in Redmoon since then, now at the ripe age of 21. He hunts game here, and sells the meat to the local inn that houses passing merchants and travelers. It gets him enough to get by, but he has always aspired for more. He hopes to eventually get out of this routine pattern, maybe catch an adventuring group, and head on to greater glory...
  • Cure Malthar (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Save Bokkor (Completed) Plus Spacer
    • Kill Seneca (Completed) Plus Spacer
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