Paul Nakada

User: Kevin
Campaign: Century City Tales
Race: Japanese American
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Elemental/10
While climbing Mt. Everest, he was caught in an avalanche. He awoke to find himself in a strange cave all alone, mostly uninjured, but without any supplies. He saw some light and headed that way, thinking that it was a way out. Instead, he found a chamber full of icy crystals with some strange inner glow. He searched and searched, for a way out, finding none, so we started to dig, hoping find the surface. Unfortunately, with no food, water, or heat, he started to succumb to hypothermia. Very quickly he fell unconscious again in that strange chamber.

He awoke a second time. While he wasn't warm, he wasn't freezing, so he assumed he was being rescued. When his sight cleared, he was still in that chamber, but the crystals were growing dimmer by the second. In the last remaining light, he saw that his body had been transformed into living ice. With his new found strength and resistance to the cold, he dug his way out and made his way down the mountain.

Panicked that he would be detained and interrogated about his transformation, he tried and tried to look normal again. After some time, he managed to transform back. He soon found out that the others that had gone up with him were missing. He offered to go help to find them, but the medical personnel at the way-station would not let him leave. None of them were ever found.

Over the next couple of months, he slowly started to transform further. He found he did not need to eat, breathe, or drink. He could withstand heat and cold (although he still felt uncomfortable in extreme heat).
And the most scary and strange was he lost his pulse. But, hey, he was a superhero now!

Note: he spent some time researching his condition in secret and the few people who might understand what he is disagree on his true nature. Some say he is the chosen avatar of Ice. Other say he is possessed of an Ice Elemental/Demon and are uncertain of Its motives or what it might do when it becomes powerful enough to take over.
PDF Character Sheet

(Spent the 4 Points: Dodge +1, Close Attack +2, Close Combat (Snare) +2