"I can hear you, NO I can truly hear you."
User: James
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Telepath/Novice
16-17 years of age, rough around the edges
5'11", Blue and white hair, brown eyes
Joseph was born on August the 28, 1997. At the age of 3 he was taken from his parents by "Child Services" and placed into a "foster home". Unknown to Joseph, he had been observed as well as experimented on for the greater part of his life. He ran away from his foster parents when he was 11. After he "heard" his foster father mentioning the testing that was being conducted on him along with finding a copy of the test notes.

He has been trying to find his birth parents since he ran away. Moving from camp to camp, he has heard things, unspoken things.
3-16-2000: Subject brought to observation "Family". Tests to begin shortly.

2-15-2002: Blood sample taken. Subject displays genetic anomalies.

Begin testing to determine causes.
Test 1: Cause anger in subject.
Result: No shifting.

3-18-2004: Subject has begun to display anti-social tendencies.

Test 2: Increase in stress.
Result: No change in behavior.
Note* Maintain current stress level in subject

2-12-2006: Subject beginning to show hording tendencies. Blood sample taken. No change in DNA.

Test 3: Increase adrenalin, remove horded items.
Result: No change occurs.

3-24-2008:Subject has begun to display mild telepathic abilities. Blood sample taken. No change in blood or DNA. Subject has become suspicious, time table moved up.

Test 4: Inject subject with nanites
Result: Inconclusive, Subject has escaped, test not administered. Current whereabouts unknown. Last blood sample reveals telepathic abilities not linked to testing.