Lord Britton Laval of Foret Tour

User: Jennifer
Campaign: Pinoa
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Scholar/Questing Knight/Noble/31
Unpleasant Body hair- face & hands
Becoming Voice
Youngest Son of Noble family. Father is Lord Guy Laval III of Foret Tour. 2 sisters, 1 brother. Mother unknown.
Contact- noble
House Colors- Purple & black
House Crest; Bear head on crossed swords
Wounds: 5

Languages: Midianese, Baroque Logos, Shaen, Throptic, Tradespeak
Alphabets: Cyronic, Draxive, Gray Letters, Nothron, Staviesque

Inherent Abilities:
Attune Weapon- Choose a melee weapo9n significant to you because of achievement or family heirloom. With it you can hit incorporeal creatures as though it was magical. Spend 4 AP to inflict +2wds or to ignore 2 incoming wds.
Expert Linguist- You know all the alphabets. You get Awareness x2 starting languages, plus one for your default language. For difficult/dead/unknown languages, test Awareness to be able to communicate basic info.

Awareness- 4
Brawn- 5
Charm- 2
Cunning- 1
Daring- 2

Heroic— Constant, Any time you become part of an adventure that would make a good story or battle, gain 1 AP. If you Survive, gain 1 AP.
Immortalized in Song— Rested, When you perform a ballad/rime/epic/romance for at least 10 min you grant everyone listening 1 AP.
Legendry— Constant, Asked about any legend of the fey or the Lady of the White Way, you know at least 1 thing and most of the story if you succeed at an Awareness test.
Litany of Sight— Rested, Focus action. Pray in Draxive, you can see through supernatural illusions. You can keep this up as a focus action each round for 1 round per Commitment
Mystic Protection— Constant, Attacked by something supernatural, roll to resist the effect, count that roll as a 10.
Cartographer— Constant, Accurately read and make maps. Study a map, draw 1 useful conclusion that others would miss.
Conversationalist— Constant, Gain +2 on a Charm check.
Educated Poise— Constant, Gain +2 to any attribute needed in social dealings with nobility
Sketch Artist— Constant, Draw glyphs, portraits, statues, etc. accurately
Connected— Rested. May ask GM for a sympathetic family ally, however then the GM can prepare a family enemy for a future encounter
Flattery— Constant, Gain +4 Charm, if you still fail, you are then –2 Charm
Armor Skill— Constant. Armor counts as 1 load lighter
Shield Skill— Constant, You are not –1d10 when fighting with a shield
Charger— Arena, Move & Attack in 1 round. +2 bonus to hit or +1wd
Combat Toughened— Constant, Gives you +2wds. +2 on any Charm check when trying to talk someone out of fighting.
Weapon of Choice— Constant, All attack dice are Face Dice with designated weapon
Healthy— Constant, Gain +2wds and immunity to normal sickness

Weapons & Items:
Magenta hat from teacher (talisman)
Ring of Invisibility
Light shield= counts as a heavy shield
Heart Strength Armor= Medium armor that counts as heavy armor, allows you to combine brawn + commitment on brawn rolls
Bow (Rowan Wood)
1 Quiver of Arrows (20)- Specialty fletched so they are +2 to hit
Dagger- good quality
5 bronze bound books
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