Trace the Umbra - Pack

"All are of Gaia"
User: Isiri
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Bastet, Garou, Corax
Gender: Other
Role: Other
Class/Level: Curious/Varied
The members of this pack stand out a bit. It is obvious that three are garou. This is easily seen from their markings,especially the one that seems to be partially cybernetic,one other is a Wendigo, the third a Black Fury, the other two are the puzzle, and well the large inky black panther with a skeletal yeah, ok then.
A medium skinned woman, standing nearly 6'2, long braided black hair with leaves made from amber woven in, looking to be maybe in her late 20's to early 30's, until you look in her eyes and see the age there. The last is a odd slightly twitchy looking fellow, black shoulder-length hair, well manicured nails,pale skin, and several pieces of jewelery.
This pack formed before the Ahadi Concord was even dreamed of. It broke many of the standard beliefs and stood strong in the face of hatred and even threats of death. The have fought long hard battles against the Wyrm and have traveled to places in the Umbra that are rumored to be myths.

Fiercely loyal to one another and just as fierce in their hatred for the Wyrm, they have fought and in some cases died for each other.

They are a example of what can be accomplished when you learn from past mistakes, and choose not to repeat them.
Keseshweria - deeded- Shatters the Wall - Legend- Swara of Twilight - Born - smooth coat

Mike - deeded - Test-pattern Glass Walker - Cyberwolf
Athro - Ragabash - Rough Coat

Charra - deeded "Howling Wind" - Wendigo - Athro- Ahroun - rough coat

Eos Delphinia - "Takes the Wylds Council" Black Fury- Athro - Theurge - smooth Coat

Nicoli - deeded - Beats the Dragon - Corax Athro smooth coat

Tezcatlipoca - Smoking Mirror- Spirit - Protector of the Trance the Umbra Pack - otherwise generally creepy.

Vowed Pack of the Ahadi