"I already know how this is going to turn out…"
User: Tim
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Diviner/Divine Oracle/5/1
Jonanias’s light brown hair tends to stick out in several directions from beneath his leather cap. His brown skin has not fared well since he left his indoor lifestyle; it is burnt and peeling in several spots. His clothes are a mix of the scholar’s garb in which he ran from the scriptorium that day, and some more practical travellers’ clothes he acquired later.

His familiar, Folio, is a black-and-white cat, with black spots on the white patches that make him look like he has been flicked with ink.
Jonanias came from a poor family living near Reino. His mother nonetheless managed to pay to have her son apprenticed to a wizard, which had long been Jonanias’s ambition.

He spent many years studying under numerous masters, always leaving (on good terms and with a letter of recommendation) when he felt there was more to be learnt elsewhere. Though he moved around a great deal, he also kept up correspondence with his mother and sister, and sent them money whenever he could.

When he finally ended his protracted apprenticeship and took a position as a scribe in Dandanagan, he seemed ready to put down roots and pore over books for the next sixty years. But then he started to pay attention to his dreams…
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