King Kilkennard

User: Eric
Campaign: Verbobonc Dark
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin/9
S18(51) I12 W9 D8(62) C17(25) Ch17(39), AC0, HP111
Kilkennard Bruun is a native of Verbobonc, the son of Kennus Bruun, the famed leader of the Crown’s Lance Battalion.
He was groomed for the guard from a young age but having never gained the mastery of the lance at his father’s level, remains something of a disappointment to his father. He has often been heard to say, "I'd rather die swinging a cursed dual sided axe -2 than wield my father's weapon!" For the wandering oracle's words still ring in his memory that his destiny might lie at the end of that lance.
And while his father's harsh rejection has manifested itself in a dark vice to the drink, conversely, it has planted a need for excellence - a drive for perfection - in the young fighter.
This drive has not gone unnoticed by the Crown, who has recently approached Kilkennard with a special mission to the Village of Hommlet...
Killed in session 156
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