Helena Krios

User: Bree!
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Homid Garou
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Theurge/Cliath
Age: 18
Height (homid): 5'4"
Weight: Aprox. 150lbs
Appearance: ooo
Pure Breed (Black Fury): oo

Homid: Helena looks her age, youthful and niave. She has long black hair that cascades down her back in waves when she doesnt have it tied up into a sloppy ponytail or braided into pigtails. She has a few tattoos and multiple piercings that go up the cartiledge of both ears. Her blue-green eyes are expressive and almost always betray her inner feelings. She is unnervingly good at speaking with her body and she "speaks" wolf nearly as well as natural born Lupus, a rare thing for a Homid-born. She dresses inappropriately for someone of her upbringing - often wearing baggy clothes that make her look smaller than she actually is. Her wardrobe is an unruly smattering of punk, goth, thrift-store hippie, and hobo chic. Her clothing choices suggest that she doesnt care how other people view her. Despite a shabby wardrobe, her true beauty is hard to hide. Her soft heart and deep feelings are impossible to hide no matter how she may try. In the rare moments she puts on anything more fitting, she reveals a moderately athletic build with soft curves. She is almost never seen without a her short bow, a family heirloom; her backpack of odds and ends to offer to Spirits in chiminage; or her big black boots.
Even in homid, she exhibits many wolf-like mannerisms. She often leans on people or nuzzles or headbutts to show affection. She whines when she is frustrated or wants attention. When she addresses those she respects or those of higher station, she often will narrow or slow-blink her eyes and tilt her head to the side. She yips when she is feeling playful, an endearingly funny sound in her human form. When she challenges or becomes defensive, her shoulders go forward and she lifts her chin. When she's upset or angry, she often growls or snarls (again, a funny sound in homid).

Lupus: In her Lupus form, which she rarely adopts, she is a striking black wolf with amber eyes. She has a dash of grey on her snout and a small patch of silvery-white on her belly starting at her ribs and making a small path to its end just before her hind legs. She exhibits much more grace in this form although she seems more on edge, always alert and observant. She mostly takes this form when communicating with wolf Kin - a kind of respect she was taught by her grandmother - or when she is trying to hide her identity (she is more easily recognized as a Krios in Homid, otherwise she's just another black wolf). She assumes Lupus when she hunts with her pack, as well. Her wolf mannerisms are accentuated and refined in this form, almost natural. She "tap dances" with her front paws when she is excited. She will flop onto her Pack brothers and expose her belly a little or wiggle against them to show affection or say "Let's play!". She nibbles and grooms her brothers as well to reinforce their bonds as a pack.
Helena is very reluctant to talk about most of her past. She readily admits that she is from New York but wont say where exactly. She will often speak of her siblings but only will name her brothers despite having older twin sisters. She only openly speaks of her father, a Kin named Stephan. She does not offer any name other than her first name, partly because she has not earned a name amongst the Garou Nation. Despite her breeding (and Tribe!!) she doesnt give the name of her mother.
She fears, and rightly so, that her family's name and deeds will somehow cast a certain light on her that she might not deserve. The Krios family has a well deserved notoriety in recent years that precedes them. A Kinfolk Mage of high renown is her cousin. Her elder sisters have both been to Erebus (and back). One sister nearly fell to the Wyrm. Both sisters have openly admitted to having Garou lovers. Her oldest brother is charrach as well and has fathered a Metis. Her mother pissed off Wendigo and, by proxy, most of His children. Despite all the amazing things each of her family members have done (like building a Caern, brokering a truce between a local Wallow of Mokole and a Sept, and destroying an entire Hive of Spirals with only five warpacks amongst other things), somehow only the dirt seems to stick...
Helena has... well... not done anything really notable. She doesnt even want to be Garou (which she sheepishly admits to those closest to her). If she had it her way, she would simply be a Kinfolk and raise a family quietly. She wants to fall in love and have a family that wont keep saying good bye like hers did her whole childhood. She was raised mostly by her father and sisters. Once her sisters passed their Rite of Passage, they left as well.
Helena only barely passed her own Rite of Passage, dubious about her role as one of Gaia's Chosen. She grudgingly accepted her fate but she still seems reluctant to fully embrace her destiny. She feels out of place and keeping her past a secret makes it that much harder to fit in.
She ran away from her home Sept - Sept of the Hand of Gaia - and hopes no one comes looking for her. She lived on the streets and roamed from city to city until she met up with her packmates and their Traveler Kin. When she joined her pack, Prey's Promise, she felt a little more at peace and hopes that she can eventually figure out some way to cope with her own desires conflicting with her role as Garou. She feels a little odd, being the only female in the pack, after coming from a predominantly female Sept that put so much emphasis on the Sacred Feminine... we'll see how it all works out.
Helena has the Flaw: Notoreity due to her family. This is why she takes pains not to reveal too much of her history or her full name. Her Pack is fully aware of her history and they accept her in spite of it. If/when someone recognizes her, it could very well make her life at the Sept complicated... Shadow Lords, Wendigo, and other Black Furies are especially likely to know who she is and why her family is so notorious.

Helena was raised around Garou - homid, Metis, and lupus - her whole life. Despite being reluctant to assume a role in the Garou Nation, she is very well-versed in the ways of the Garou. Its hard for her to hide this, her mannerisms are a dead give-away to anyone who is Fostern or higher.

Like many Cliath, she has not yet earned a name for herself amongst the Nation.

Helena's two sisters are both Athro, as is her brother. They would be Elders if anyone would give them a chance to challenge. Its very odd because her sisters are each only 30, her brother 35.
Her sisters are Alala "Heart Like A Storm" and Aphrodite "Heals Sister's Heart", they both Theurges. Her brother was accepted into the Children of Gaia and his name is Marcus "Speaks Only Truth", he is a Philodox. Alala is especially notorious because she was chosen and highly favored by Grandfather Thunder. Shadow Lord Theurges of Fostern and higher usually know her name because its such an oddity. She knows why he favors her but refuses to tell anyone (which further drives the Lords crazy...).
Her mother is an Elder in her late 60's, fairly "retired" as far as Garou go. She is Althea WintersBane, although she is also known as "Sunlight in Darkness". Helios favors her while Wendigo rather hates her.
Tommy "Better Than You" rounds out the notable family members. He is Awakened Kin and a Spirit Child. He earned the Deed Name "Better Than You" fairly. He and Alala run a Pack, The Street's Redemption. When they spar, verbally or otherwise, those close to them usually give them a good deal of space... Aphrodite is Alpha of her own pack, Mother's Grasping Hand. Marcus is Alpha of a pack as well - Children of the Light.
Alala, Tommy, and Aphrodite are of further interest because they successfully built a Caern near Tampa that is dedicated to Grandfather Thunder. It is the Sept of the Rising Tide (and may not actually exist in Karl's game, so this point is more of a flavor thing...). Alala and her pack are the de-facto leaders. Several have challenged her right to govern the Sept as an Elder (since she's only Rank 4) but so far none have successfully displaced her... many packs and Kin call this Sept home. They work closely with the nearby Bone Gnawer Sept - Sept of the Wounded Bay (cannon, Bone Gnawer Tribebook Revised).
She has two other brothers, Kinfolk, one five years older than her and one three years younger.

The Fetish bow Helena carries is a family heirloom, once belonging to Tommy's mother. It was a gift upon her completion of her Rite of Passage. The Krios family are famed archers and have a number of heirloom bows in the family. Most of them are dedicated to Artemis except for Alala's, her bow (unsuprisingly) houses a Storm Spirit.

Helena's First Change happened when she was nearly 18. She had snuck off and traveled to NYC with some other Kin to go to a big rave. Once her father figured out where she was heading, he called Marcus (who is homed out of Sept of the Green) to retrieve them.
It was already a few hours into the event when he arrived. As he searched for his sister and her friends, a human man made a terrible mistake...
Helena was dancing, minding her own business, when suddenly a man wearing a "Security" shirt grabbed her arm and forced her into the back of the club. He pushed her through a door, into a backroom where two other similiarly dressed men waited. They stripped and beat Helena, attempting to subdue her so that they could satisfy their control fetish by raping her. Something inside her snapped and she disintegrated the three of them in a haze of rage.
When she came out of it, her older sisters were with her, explaining what had happened. The Elders of Sept of the Green took care of the cover-up at the expense of Sept of the Hand of Gaia... Helena's home Sept owes a favor in exchange. Marcus had protected the rest of the humans from harm, sensing Helena's change and rushing to restrain her. The Delerium cleared out the rave, making the scene easier to manipulate into what appeared to be a horrible ritual killing carried out by a cult.
Like many First Changes, Helena's was baptised by blood but she feels no remorse, given she recalls everything that happened up to the moment she Changed.