Iosif Morningkill

"Pertinacia Ex Victoria Per Veritas. (Determination And Victory Through Truth.)"
User: Cody
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Silver Fang Lupus
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Philodox/Adren
Pure Breed: 5 (Silver Fang)
Fate: 4 (Prophecy regards being a deciding factor in who will lead the Garou Nation into the Apocalypse.)

Homid Form: Iosif is a decently tall man, standing around 6'4". He typically wears a midnight blue shirt and a pair of jeans that are well worn, as well as an elegant but rustic brown wool coat with shiny silvertone buttons. His belt buckle carries the symbol for House Wyrmfoe, and he bears a necklace with a sigil depicting the Half Moon. His hair is dark brown and cropped to a medium short length on top, and very short on the sides. He is attractive, though a bladed-weapon scar on his left cheek does diminish that to some extent. He keeps his facial hair fairly well trimmed for a wolfborn.

Lupus Form: As wolves go, he is a magnificent creature with a shining silver-white coat and impressively noble golden eyes. Every step shows his regal bearing. Being in his mere presence is enough to bring a gasp of awe from most normal humans as they come face to face with such a beautiful and noble creature. The pads on his right forepaw are pure white, possibly indicative of a scar or some other anomaly; this is where his cub name came from.
Name: Iosif "Innokenti" Morningkill
Cub Name: "Whitepaw"
Cliath Name: "Noble Heart"
Fostern Name: "Silver Blood of Gaia"
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silver Fangs
House: Wyrmfoe
Lodge: Lodge of the Sun
Court: The Forthright Court
Camp-Ideology: Royalists

Sept Position: Master of Challenges

Great Grandfather: Isaiah Morningkill
Grandfather: Jacob Morningkill, Old King of House Wyrmfoe
Father: Benjamin Morningkill, House Wyrmfoe
Mother: Bright Eyes (Pure Bred Wolf Kin)
Uncle: High King Jonas Albrecht, King of House Wyrmfoe and Bearer of the Silver Crown

He is rumored to be a direct, close relative of High King Jonas Albrecht.

At times he seems unclear of his Auspice, having possibly claimed to be both Philodox AND Ahroun.

He has a prophecy of some form that revolves around him having something to do with the events that lead to determining who will lead the Garou into the Apocalypse.

He is rumored to have had a mate at one time. Some whispers say that he wasn't there to defend her when she was slain.

He is rumored to suffer from depression.

Public Knowledge:

He comes from the North County Protectorate.

He is a Silver Fang Lupus, of House Wyrmfoe and the Lodge of the Sun.

He is very well respected within the Nation for his Rank, being known for having single-handedly defended a Caern's Heart from being over-run by the Wyrm with only the objects that were laying around at his disposal.

He is a strong Traditionalist.

He has taken well enough to life among humans and homids to blend in with them, though he still prefers to spend his time in the wilderness.

He has taken up Blacksmithing as part of a spirit ban to learn more about the function of the Weaver and how it can be a positive force for the Garou in the form of 'creating tools and weapons.'

Typical Introduction:

"I am Iosif Innokenti Morningkill, deeded Silver Blood of Gaia. Born of Rough Coat under Luna's face of Judgment and Balance. Defender of the Caern Heart of the North County Protectorate (Reputation). Son of Benjamin Morningkill, Grandson of Jacob Morningkill, former King of the Mighty House Wyrmfoe, Great Grandson of Isaiah Morningkill, Nephew of Jonas Albrecht, High King of the Garou Nation, chosen of the Silver Crown. I Hail from House Wyrmfoe under the guidance of Mighty Eagle, and stand as a dedicant of the Lodge of the Sun, bearing the honor of representing the First Tribe as an Adren of the Nation."