Lucas "Justifies The Means" O'Connor

Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Lupus, Philodox, Fianna, PB:5
Gender: Male
(Pure Breed:5, Merit:Reputation, Enchanting Voice)

Appears to be around three or four in lupus years, In his homid form he appears to be anywhere from 21-24

Lucas displays extremely dark red hair, so red infact that it appears black. He is quite large for most wolves and resembles the old dire hounds of Ire legend.

As of yet only his pack and a handful of garou have seen his Homid or Glabro Forms. He prefers to stay in breed form.

He is quite large in his lupus form, his eyes are two different colors.. they almost glow in Luna's rays.

(Homid form photo)
Born of the rough coat
Under the Half Moon Smile of Luna,
Fostern of the Garou Nation,
Warrior of the Fianna.

Lucas named by one of His homid kinfolk after a brave hero of the Fionn Family from which he was bred. His pure breeding has made his life within garou society with packs and learning to be garou easier and much more easy to access then others of his tribe.. Lucas has only known prestige since a pup.. being expected to live up to history's former champions is one thing, Being the same blood and even almost appearance of one of those legends is a whole other can of worms.

His trial by fire to reach Cliath ended with him making a Judgement that would doom one of his former cub-pack mates whom planned to sell his Sept out to Leeches. He heard the whispers of betrayal made his judgement under the light of Sister Luna and torn the younger newly changed garou to flee the sept and never return.

In turn his deed name was born. Justifies the Means maintained his balance and worked within his homelands fighting off the forces of the wyrm, returning lost cubs was one of Lucas favorite things, and maintaining a open mind to all things as he needed to learn about human society to better make judgements.. the nation saw his efforts..

The local rumor mill has stated that "Justifies the Means" had managed to catch the attention of an all lupus camp within the tribe by growing in rank at such
a young age.

He returned once again raising his station from Cliath to Fostern.. His challenge now awaits in this new sept he has been summoned to by the great garou nation. He picks up with his small pack of rovering gypsy kin and heads towards the call.

Lucas may rely on his breeding and blood heritage
to help him from time to time, But he always tells the Naysayers if they believe they are good enough to best him then to come and honorably challenge him, they would then see what the others also had seen,
A hero of celtic legend reborn.
A warrior for Balance.
One of Gaia's best weapons
to stop the coming darkness.