Tristan Farron

"Live by the sword, live a good looong time."
Race: Rankan
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/Champion Of Bane/14
Tristan has finally become the man that he once was. Golden hair falls shortly to his neckline and kept back in a tight pony tail. Muscles that were barely used while he was an undead servant of Zehir now begin to show true color as well as defined tone.

The once removed finger of his right hand where he severed the connection between himself and Asmodeus has returned as well.
*As Zin'Carla (The past is unknown to me, I see people and sometimes I think I should know them. I have these strange visions every now and again when I recognize somebody or something, vague "memories" that don’t belong to’s like having a dead man in my head, only I was the dead man...are these visions from my past life? I do not know, all I know is that I was brought back for a mission, simply to kill Janus, Zehir demands it. He has granted me the abilities to remain hidden and given me the power to assassinate my foes quickly. All that is left now is the opportune moment.)

Many years have passed since Tristan was actually alive and a man in control of his own destiny and future. While the works he has done up to this point may been seen by some as good, he knows that he will never truly atone for things done as the Zin'Carla, nor for things done when he had his first life.

He has been given a second chance, be it by the Raven Queens wish, or for Bane's thirst of conquest he knows that he will not rest until Pelor has been restored and the foul taint that is Zehir is either slain or driven back into the darkness from which it came.
All of Tristans items fell broken and were as ash when the final connection between himself and Zehir was severed. The resurrection ritual was a success and he could breathe the free air again.

The only item he now carries is his fathers sword; The Blade of Raylos.