"You're not very good at this whole 'violence' thing, are you?"
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Metis
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ahroun/Fenrir/Fostern
Height: (homid) 8'1"
Weight: (homid) 550lbs
Hair Color: Blonde. Siegebreaker's bodyhair is very patchy except for the top of his head, which it looks mostly normal. He wears it chin length.
Eye Color: Soft Blue

This gigantic man towers above the rest of his pack like an oak tree over shrubs. Siegebreaker's homid form is a tattered, mangled knot of callouses and scar tissue stretched a bit too tightly over a monstrous muscular frame. A portion of Siegebreaker's face, his right cheek - has been torn away in some battle, exposing most of his teeth underneath, giving his already fierce and horrific countenance an air of menace. The only part of Siege's appearance that is comforting is his robin's egg blue eyes, that even though the scars and lumps, show that there is a kind heart at the core of this juggernaut of fur and teeth.

Siegebreakers personality is by far different that what one would expect from such a gigantic and horrific Ahroun. He speaks softly, with the warmest smile his scarred and calloused face can manage, and is always first to offer hospitality. He's fond of cooking, story swapping, sport, and wrestling. This metis Goliath is little more than a teenage boy simply looking for acceptance.

Siegebreaker's life has been a hectic one. Brought up on a hyper-traditionalist sept of Fenrir, he wasn't even given a name until his Rite of Passage, which was sprung on him unexpectedly. The giant cub was able to create a bottleneck in an attack against a Brazilian caern he was homed at, using nothing more than a shield crafted from a car door and a transmission from a jeep as a war club. He was able to turn back the final rush against the heart of the caern simply by mass and pure, unadulterated ferocity that took back the Caern's Alpha - Gol-gol Fangs First, the legendary Fenrir general of the Brazilian Front -who when witnessing the young metis in combat, could only give a single name to him that seemed to fit "Siegebreaker"

Adopted by a pack of misfits from Scandnavia, he has milled about the Eastern Coast of the United States and the far northern portions of Europe, where he has been doing his best to fit in. He has found solace in his pack, who consists of 3 other metis and a single, odd lupus. The team has taken up residence in a crabbing boat that is owned by Siegebreaker's Alpha - Henrik Gustavson.
Crinos Statistics -
Height: 12'9"
Weight: 3800lbs
Appearance: fucking BIG and UGLY...