User: Fargmania
Race: American
Gender: Male
Class: Pilot
Billy looks young for his age - which could be due to the "harmless" lies he told the recruiters during the Great War. His tousled brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and rugged chiseled face are a good match for his significant physique. He almost always sports a silk aviator scarf and a few smears of oil, and you get the distinct impression that the helmet and goggles must be within quick and easy reach.

Billy always means well, but is quick to act and slow to consider. His impulsiveness almost always gets him into trouble, but his friends almost always get him out of it. His friendships are forged for life, and they are all fiercely loyal to him because he so readily and easily returns the favor.
Billy was the youngest of his kin, and the only one born to the new century (and only by a few scant minutes). His parents were poor subsistence farmers in the mid-west - a big happy family that never seemed troubled by their own poverty stricken state. They always "made it work, somehow." They were the classic American clan - Norman Rockwell would have painted them if he had gotten the opportunity. Billy never quite received a full education (his rather early enlistment saw to that) but he always showed an excellent aptitude for sports and all things athletic. His scholastic record was marred, however, by a string of altercations and seemingly unwarranted behavior. When pressed by the local sheriff, Billy would only say that his classmates "had no honor."

Billy enlisted in the war in 1915, a full two years before the US followed his lead. Quite simply he was drawn like a moth to flame... to the airplanes. From the first moment he had seen one fly over the farm, he was forever changed. He knew he would never be complete until he was in the cockpit himself. He joined the Foreign Legion, and worked his way around to the budding new French Air Force. Billy showed such amazing aptitude for flying, that French officials found themselves rationalizing his clear adolescence to a mere physical difference attributed to being from America.

By the time the US finally entered the fray in 1917, Billy was already one of the most seasoned flyers still above-ground. Unfortunately for Billy, he was still underage and the Americans knew it. So instead of being put on the front lines, Billy was reassigned to reconnaissance missions and top secret operations for the Allied forces. He ended up completing a large number of his missions in the Orient, which is how he first met his Centurion Sponsor. She never told him her real name - he only knew her by her secret ops handle: "The Dragon Lady". She took him under her wing and introduced him to the Century Society. She made sure that, despite his secretive role in the war, he still received the proper promotions that helped his military career thrive, and she ensured that his true age was expunged from the public record, both for his career as an aviator, and to help mask his role as a Centurion. Towards the end of the war, she disappeared mysteriously in between missions, and was presumed killed by unknown vectors. Billy never even got to thank her properly.


Billy Sunrise and the Devil's Punchbowl
Billy bites off a bit more than he can chew when he crash lands his favorite bi-plane at the mouth of the lair of the dreaded Gray Menace. Will he be able to fight his way out of the Devil's Punchbowl and expose their deadly secret? Will Guest Star Brandon Black's mystery of the Yellow Arts be enough to help Billy Sunrise save the day?


Brandon Black vs. The Crimson Claw
Teaming up with the adventurous Billy Sunrise, Brandon plunges head first into the secrets of Niagra Falls. Will Billy and Brandon put the damper on the Crimson Claw, or will they get soaked?

Boisterous Boy Scout
Mysteries of the East
"Brandon. A little help."
Femme Fatality
Death Defying
"Just a moment. I'm a little busy right now."
Hidden Crush
The Price of Glory


GREAT: Fists, Might
GOOD: Rapport, Intimidation, Weapons
FAIR: Gambling, Leadership, Survival, Endurance
AVERAGE: Empathy, Mysteries, Alertness, Athletics, Guns


Rare Artifact (Mysteries)
Barnstormer (Pilot)
Flying Ace (Pilot)
Walk Away From It (Pilot)
Five Minute Friends (Rapport)