""Never give a sucker an even break.""
User: Darth Paul
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock (Hexblade)/14
Melech is a handsome male tiefling with purple-black hair, dark horns, and golden eyes. He has a winning smile, a hearty laugh, and an easy, natural charm and confidence. He is fond of making quips, and has a quick wit. His demeanor changes dramatically when he is angered however, with his face becoming a mask of hellish rage. His quips become biting insults, as he mocks his foes in an attempt to rattle them.

He wears fine, golden mail with steel greaves and vambraces, a partial breastplate, and no helm. He carries a heavily-carved obsidian rod set with gold in his off-hand, and his pact blade (a jagged, obsidian khopesh that shines with molten fire) manifests in his primary hand. He wears ornate, ostentatious clothing otherwise, usually in shades of red, gold, purple, black, and white.
Melech grew up on the streets of Skyfall, an orphan and an outcast who was despised for his tiefling heritage. He learned early on to hide from the other orphans and outcasts on the mean streets, or when he could not, to beg, connive, flatter, or intimidate them into leaving him be. When her learned of his innate power to curse his foes with a fiery doom, that began to change. He started running a small gang of orphan thieves and beggars, putting his natural abilities as a liar to good use.

Melech was discovered at that point by a warlock, a member of the order known as the Obsidian Chalice. He was told he had great potential, and was taken to be trained in the arcane arts. "Training" in this case consisted of making a pact with the forces of Hell, one with loopholes that he (and his superiors) could take advantage of. With his soul thus mortgaged, Melech set about the Obsidian Chalice's business. Despite his upbringing, Melech was not evil or cruel, and soon decided his freedom was a greater treasure. Stealing some of the order's secrets and items, he fled and went on the road.

Finding common cause with a group of mercenary adventurers, Melech has begun a quest to win back his soul, keep his hell-spawned might, and generally live the good life!