Gregory "Guiding Hand" Clark

"When you learn to heal, you learn to harm just as well..."
User: Razimus
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Werewolf (Child of Gaia)
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Thurge /Fostern
Clark (Yes, if using his homid name he would prefer you use his last name), otherwise known as Guiding Hand, stands at 5'9''. Physically, he looks to be in his early 20's with a few hints of early gray peppered throughout his hair. He dresses somewhat sloppily for a homid born, preferring loose fitting outdoors outfits usually covered by a grass and dirt stained lab coat. More often that not his face is either marred with deep bags beneath his eyes , or an unkempt amount of facial hair.

The only other form that Clark can be regularly seen in is Hispo, or in some cases Lupus. In either of these forms the grey peppering of his hair becomes even more pronounced. It is in these forms that one can also see scarring around his paws and muzzle. These aren't battle scars in the traditional sense, but any Ahroun with any sort of intelligence can tell that the scarring was not gotten from a peaceful activity.
Despite strong hints of Clark being able to hold his own in a fight, his background is rather tame. The only son of a female Garou(whose name is Guards the Garden) and a male Kinfolk (Richard Clark) Clark was raised with ever mounting levels of affection. Never hiding the nature of their garou background, Clark's parents fostered his desire to learn everything he could about the world around him. A practice also fostered, in no small amount, by his Numen (An owl spirit who Clark named Nyte when he first became aware of its presence and influence on his life). Allowed to go to school and eventually college, Clark's first change didn't occur until he was about to give up on ever changing. Clark has since embraced his garou nature with a fervor. Making sure that he is as in touch with his beast and spiritual natures as he ever was with the homid world that saw him grow to manhood.
Clark owns a rather well equipped cabin/laboratory just outside the border of the Ocala National Forest, where he works for the State as an Ecological Biologist. This cabin is open to anyone in the Sept as well as the surrounding packs of wild wolves. Having installed several lupus sized doggy doors himself, Clark's doors are never locked to those seeking shelter, comfort, or healing. There are only two rules while under his roof. No one may cause any harm to those also seeking shelter, and if you break it you replace it. I AM ON A BUDGET PEOPLE!