Sovrek Maaren

User: Evan
Campaign: Steam and Cogs Bro
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magus/5
2:What does your character look like? (Gender, Hair Color, Eye Color, One Quirk/Mannerism, Outfit, Etc)

A young Elf at the age of 73, long black hair with streaks of silver. Eyes are light green. Much of his body is scarred, most notably a large scar running from under his left eye over his mouth to his chin, and his cropped ears. Unconsciously runs his finger over his facial scar.
With magic slowly trickling back to this plane, Sovrek was one of few elves of magical ability in Tuulat Amureen. He cared for his rare ability and pushed himself to set precedents in the study of magic. His progress was cut short when demons besieged the city. Sovrek spent 3 years defending his city, until they could no longer hold off the horde of demonspawn. When the city fell, the demons enslaved the population. For Sovrek's efforts in the defense of Tuulat Amureen, he was sold out to the demons, and was punished, tortured, and then was gifted to a cult in Dol Gulra. Sovrek's owner, Highcaster Bashur Nemlock-worshiper of Tele'Twiiziimon-along with other cults in Dol Gulra got together twice per season, and forced their slaves to fight each other in The Bog(the arena in which they held the gladiator events). The loser of these events were to be sacrificed to the mortal forms of their Demon lords. Without his spellbook Sovrek had little chance of fighting these hardened, and often crazed slaves. A human slave named Dels took an interest in him, and started helping him train to fight. With Dels' help, he was able to to survive while he developed a new spellbook from the bark of the Swamp Stump. Bashur sacrificed Dels 3 years later, to feed the hunger of the new form of Tele'Twiiziimon. The non-justified sacrifice sparked a riot among the slaves, and Sovrek used the chaos that ensued afterwards to escape. After a few years of preparation, and training Sovrek came back to the Cult lands to avenge his fallen friend, and liberate the slaves. When he arrived the Cult of Tele'Twiiziimon was nowhere to be found.

Sovrek spends his free time taking long walk on the beach, enjoying good food, and dueling slavers to the death to free their slaves. Whenever he chances upon demon spawn, he goes out of his way to destroy it.
1: What is your character's name, gender, age, race, and nation of origin?

---Sovrek Maaren, male, 73, Elf, Tuulat Amureen

3: What is your character's alignment and class(es)(You will be starting at level 5 Classes can be found at these links Core Classes Additional Classes Magus Ninja Samurai Gunslinger ?

--- chaotic good
--- Magus

-Pick one-
Chaotic - You actively break the law regardless of the consequences whenever possible.

-Pick one-
Good - You value all life defend others who are being harmed or are at risk of death.

4: What is your character proud of?

--- His liberation of multiple slave compounds, and of course his mastery of spell, and blade.

5: What is your character afraid of?

--- Captivity. More specifically slavery.

6: What motivates your character?

--- The injustice Humanity deals upon the other races.

7: Is your character part of any faction or organization?

--- He is a one man band. His time in captivity has garnered him a distrust of everyone.

8: What has your character done during the past year?

--- Liberating slaves along the borders of Dol Gulra, and Canaan. Most of this was by high profile duels with the master or his champion.

9: Have any past events in your character's life effected who they are now?

--- Tuulat Amureen was destroyed by the nation of Canaan. Sovrek was taken captive, and sold into slavery.

10: Tell one random fact about your character.

--- He can't resist a tavern cooked meal. Try to take his food, and he's bound to get violent.