"Watch your back"
User: Simen
Campaign: Lord of Cinder
Race: Razorclaw shifter
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/1
Grimm is a selfish person, full of hate and gets easily jealous. His mood is most often very grim.
Grimm was born as the human Karn Kialandi, in the proud House of Kialandi, and the first-born of the lord Edrick Kialandi. After The Great War was won by the humans over the elves, The House of Kialindi has granted elves that swore allegiance to the King of Conleic, permission to live free in The Kingdom of Conleic. This task was given to them by the King himself.

Little then Karn got a high-elf teacher, named Dathëdr. Dathëdr learned Karn the history of the Kingdom, as well as the religion of The White Concordiat, mathematics and philosophy. Also, Dathëdr learned Karn the elven language, as Karn was expected to one day take over the House of Kialandi, and thereby execute the task given his great House by the King.

However, on Karn’s 13th birthday, he experienced the extremely painful translation into a shifter. As soon as this curse was revealed, Karn was thrown away out of the House of Kialandi, both in name and person. Lord Edrick would not have what he thought of as a bastard son and a monster to rule his great House, and bear its honour and responsibility. How could someone not human decide which elf is an asset to the Kingdom of Men, and not?

Karn then lived on the streets, surviving on what he could beg for, or steal. He was filled with hatred towards his family, who had casted him aside with no remorse. Here he got himself a new name, a name of his own making, not of his deceiving parents – Grimm.