User: Zynth
Race: Galeb Duhr
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/Polearm Master/11
Aase looms over all non-Galeb Duhr, and is still a formidable sight to many Yssge. He seems chiseled from rock itself, solidly built and grounded, while he can also demonstrate the capacity for immense speed. Aase has a very light skin color, with hints of blue and gray. His skin has slowly changed while he has more and more found connection to the primal spirits. Aase wears thick hide armor, frilled around the edges with fur. It connects to a leather belt, made from skin of a large viper. His rough tan pants end shortly above a pair leather boots, fashioned with talons on the heels, that can be used to dig into the ground for added support. On his left bicep, resides a small box made from various plant parts that he reaches into in times of need. Aase wield of longspear, which has two snakes that twist up it's shaft until reaching their heads that surround the spear point.
Aase was a child when the Twisted Spear Clan first began to change. Rannak, his father and clanmate of Garr, changed along with many others under the command of Thalstagg. He had been designated as Galeb Duhr, and chose to remain so, but fled the chaos that was consuming his clan. Aase followed many others fleeing for the same reason. He was the only member of his immediate family amongst the refugees, his parents consumed by the change and power. This journey led him to Northport, across the sea. Upon arriving at Northport, all seemed well until a Rankan constable Hroaham, that had met the Yssge on the dock, betrayed his word and began slaughtering the refugees. Hroaham thought none were spared during the slaughter aboard the longboats, but Aase had survived in a pile of dead children. Shocked and stunned by what he had witnessed, Aase refused to move, in fear of being found. Fever set in, and the time spent below deck became unreal. A Rankan clad in armor and a Galeb Duhr with the largest blade he had ever seen discovered him on a boat. Aase was speechless, and remained so until he parted ways with the mighty adventurers. He was left under the care of the Northwatch and a woman named Lyari.

Little time passed between the chaotic events of his homeland and journey before, disarray approached Aase at the hands of the overgrown worms. Worms were the term that Verold, the grandfather of Aase, gave the unwelcome snake invaders. Few snakes, if any, existed in the frigid climates of the North and Verold helped guide Aase through many years of survival in skirmishing and avoiding the ‘worms’. Familiar with the primal spirits, Verold taught Aase about their existence, power and purpose. Verold knew of a location, at the end of a glacial valley, where there lied an ancient oak tree. When he eventually felt that Aase was ready, Verold took him to the location honing his acclimation to the spirits. Aase stayed with Verold for more than a decade total, before Verold passed away. Upon his death, Verold told Aase of a monastery, the Mirror of Heaven, across a vast desolate wasteland. Verold spoke of another oak tree at this monastery, much like the one found in the northern lands. This tree represented the resilience of the primal spirits, like the first oak tree. In a harsh environment, the spirits had found ways to make life flourish. Aase vowed to journey to this monastery and continue his training away from the threats of the ‘worms’.

Aase journeyed across the desolate plains, following a sense or feeling, akin to what he knew well. His training had ended in that remote valley, at the oak tree, where he began to truly understand the complex balance of all spirits, elemental and primal. Aase had mastered control of earth and rock, the mountains themselves that were the foundation for man’s existence and survival. The cold, and frigid eternal winter that so easily controlled the wild spirits of water, Aase himself learned to command. Last, the reason for control, life itself. The plants that feed, sustain, and shelter the Galeb Duhr people, among others. Learning to control these primal spirits in such a harsh environment gave way to understand the genesis of existence, which also took place in relentless settings. Arriving at the Mirror of Heaen, Aase found another oak tree in the courtyard, similar to the tree he had learned to protect before. He continued his studies for years, himself eventually becoming a teacher, passing on the knowledge of the spirits in existence.

Eventually, the yuan-ti found out about the Mirror of Heaven, and word came that there was a group of them en route to investigate the location and possible power. Aase was deeply disturbed, and vowed to keep the threat away from the monastery. He joined a group of followers that encountered the yuan-ti, but were distraught to find that the yuan-ti numbers were greater than they had expected. Fighting a losing battle for years, Aase was eventually captured, along with Dawn, and taken to the notorious Beysib prison Gran-Dirth. This prison was rumored to have contained the most disturbing terms of imprisonment ever known, but these were just rumors, for no one had ever escaped. The Beysib and Yuan-ti did their best to try and change Aase, transform him to their bidding, but here deep within the land, surrounded by rock Aase was unmovable. They next tried to capture his power, his control of primal spirits, but he gave up nothing. His bond with the primal spirits was not knowledge. It came from a mere connection to the land, something the yuan-ti and beysib never seemed to understand. Yet, this mere connection held great weight with the spirits. Aase eventually escaped with Dawn, through sheer force, summoning the will that remained within him to turn the rock underground against his captors. Upon reaching the surface, Dawn told him of a glimmer of light, the first signs of true hope. Optimistic, he set forth, northward leading them through the lands, following Dawn’s instincts. Aase knew if someone did truly hold, even a shimmer of, the power of the sun there was yet hope for the world in chaos.
Longspear- ‘Wormwood’ This longspear was taken from the Beysib prison Gran-Dirth, upon escaping. The shaft has two snakes, starting at the bottom, which twist up, to their heads and end with mouths open below the spear tip. This weapon reminds Aase of the sacrifices that were made by others to help him and Dawn escape from Gran-Dirth. This longspear was used by the guards to weaken inmates before they would be taken and have the infmamous ritual of Gran-Dirth performed upon them.

Armor- Rugged hide armor, crafted by Verold, before Aase set off towards the Mirror of Heaven. Verold told Aase to never fear what lies ahead, giving him this armor to aid in his eternal pursuits. The armor is crafted from tanned bear hide and the fur of mountain rams from Yssgeland.

Ornament- A small wooden item, carved with the eye of a snake. While traveling after the escape from Gran-Dirth, Aase was welcomed by few and feared by many. Of those that chose to greet him with kindness, was a S’Danzo traveler, who had taken this item from the corpse of a yuan-ti after a skirmish had occurred. Aase looked upon this item as a trophy and gladly traded the traveler, for information and safe passage through enemy patrolled areas.

Helm- A seemingly ordinary leather helm, crafted far before the Yssge were forced to retreat into the mountains, it protects Aase while he challenges enemies in combat.

Belt- The skin of a large viper was used to craft this sturdy belt. Aase hunted this large viper at an early age, with his grandfather. This event had great significance to Aase, for it was one of the stepping-stones for him, to connect with the primal world.

Boots- These boots were given to Aase by an old Yssge woman. The boots had belonged to her husband, who had died during the retreat with Grimmdal into the mountains. She looked upon Aase, at his young age, with hope due to his will to never give up.

Phylactery- A small wooden box, made from twigs, sticks, and leaves. Within this box, Aase has collected and cherished many materials in his many years of travel. This item belonged to Verold and was inherited by Aase.