"At the darkest hour, one will find the brightest dawn."
User: Babel
Race: S'danzo
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Monk/Radiant Fist
Kal-Keet: Strength in All Things
To be strong is to be prepared.
To be strong is to be steadfast.
To be strong is never giving up.
To be strong is to stand up for your beliefs and standing shoulder to shoulder with those whose beliefs you embrace.


You are going to succeed on your merits, assuredly. But stop and give homage to those whose shoulders carried the load before your arrival. Remember the shoulders you leaned on in your life and pledge to be a strong shoulder to those that follow.

-Mantra of Kal-Keet ((By: George Smith))
Before the Darkness

Lyari took the young barmaid Zenobia aside, "Your children will not be safe here. Travel east into the sand-wastes. There your children, Dawn and Dusk will change the world." With that the young blind girl turned to rejoin her large traveling companion, never to be seen again by the simple barmaid.
"What children?" was Zenobia's parting thought.

That was 9 months before she crawled, more dead then alive into the oasis monastery of the"Mirror of Heaven". The monastery of Sol was built in the middle of the sand-wastes, at the site of a fallen star. The crater itself was glass, with a crystal clear pool, fed from an underground spring; at the center of the pool grew an enormous oak tree. Before the darkening, it was said to be one of the most beautiful sights in the whole world.

It was there, on the solar equinox, the last day the sun shone, that she gave birth to her twin children, Dawn and Dusk. The first born, a boy, she named Dawn, held his arms to the sun as though giving thanks to Sol, the Sun god.. However, the second born, the girl named Dusk was born just after the light faded. Despite the hardships she knew that she and her children would face, Zenobia thanked the girl Lyari and Sol for watching over her family.

The Yings and Yangs of Childhood

The two grew up quickly, as many children were forced to during the time. Both proved to be very adapt at absorbing any teaching offered to them, and at a very young age the prodigies surpassed their elders, quickly reaching the level of masters in both the spiritual teachings of Sol and the martial skills of the desert-monks. It was at this point that the two siblings began to grow apart.

Dusk formed a school of thought and worship that argued that they should worship the vessel of the power of Sol and not simply the ideals of Sol. And thus since the power of Sol was not in the possession of Skather, he was not unlike a god to them. This also meant that the time for the old concepts of light and dark, good and evil were over, and that the previously endless war between the two was over. The darkness prevailed and that the dark times brought on by the Beysibians were a sign that they had achieved the end point in the ancient conflict and now should be a time of learning to live under their rule. The god worthy of praise and worship was now Zehir.

Dawn on the other hand, argued that the nature of the world was cyclical. The ancient conflict was not over, but that it was time for the rebirth of the light. "At the darkest hour, one will find the brightest dawn." There have been many times in the history of the world that either light or darkness has nearly swept the other away, but always the waning side waxes and the balance is restored. The theft of power by Skather was not only wrong but a deed that should be rectified. Sol was the giver of life and that power did not belong in the hands of those who would use it for their own ends. Further, Dawn argued that staying sequestered away from the world as if they were not a part of it was not the right coarse of action. The monks of the Mirror of Heaven could make a difference is many lives if they would but commit themselves to it and break their isolationism. Over time, most of the monks grew to agree with Dusk, who growing in power under the worship of Zehir and preached that retaining some power was better then none, and revealing themselves to the Beysibians would only result in their eventual downfall.

Still, Dawn debated endlessly with those in the monastery, and especially his sister, Dusk. Were it not for what happened next, he might still be there arguing to this day. One of Dawn's childhood friends and philosophical student overheard a group of conspirators talking of handing Dawn and his followers over to the Beysibians as a sign of friendship and goodwill. Learning of this Dawn sought about and confronted his sisters. Words were not exchanged, under the branches of the oak tree, as each had felt for some time that this was coming. All living souls with in the Mirror of Heaven, watched as a battle between masters raged. For the longest time, it was so evenly matched that it was more like dance then a battle. As the fight went on, Dawn drew further and further upon his inner strength while his sister strained to maintain hers. Separating briefly, both far beyond their limit, Dawn tried one last time to reach his beloved sister, "It is not too late. Turn away from your dark path. Turn away from Zehir and Skather and their poison. Join me in the light and we will change the world!"

"I have chosen my path and you have chosen yours brother. Even if you kill me now, they have already won, your fighting a war that was over before we were born. If you continue along this path, your death is inevitable," Dusk barely managed to cough out the words.

"You have already made up your mind then?" The small nod he received in reply would be the first
time Dawn felt his heart break. "Then this is the end," faster then any eye present could
follow the two clashed, sheathed in a burst of brilliant light, leaving Dusk unconscious. Gently laying his defeated sister on the cold, hard glass, Dawn spared his past life one final look over his shoulder,
"and goodbye." Dawn bowed deeply to his teachers, his students, his friends, his misguided sister, and finally to his mother. Seeing the pain in his mother's eyes again broke his heart. Wearily, Dawn gathered a few possessions and left the Mirror of Heaven behind.

A Time of Travel and Battle

Leaving the Mirror of Heaven with only a few fool-hearty friends who refused to listen to reason, Dawn set out West towards the Beysibian lands. Not long after leaving they encountered what would be the first of many Beysibian ambushes and lost the first of many friends to them. For several years the dwindling group of comrades traveled together, and time after time they lost members to death, and to life, till only Dawn and Aase remained.

After years of travel, they were finally captured and sent to the Beysib prison of Gran-Dirth also known as "The Bottomless Hole". A prison constructed inside a huge sinkhole-cavern complex, where no-one ever returned from. It was here that the Beysib held those who were too dangerous to be left alone, but too useful to be killed. They also used it as a holding pen for subjects to experiment on. Kalvink, a Beysibian disciple of Skather, ran his hideous experiments here, experiments designed to develop a dark ritual that would turn anyone into the most devout and loyal drone.

The ritual required that the subject have their chest ripped open and the strange ancient words written on the surface of the still beating heart read. The secrets learned in this ritual would then allow the caster to control the subject.

As so many before him, one day it was Dawn's turn to be taken. Long since had he distanced himself from his physical being, his body used for nothing more then taking the beatings meant for others. Dawn spent most of his time deep in meditation, reaching far beyond the limits of his moral body. It was in this state that during the ritual his mind's eye caught sight of something. At first it was just a flicker, like a small flame trying to take, but as he felt the muted pain of the jagged knife piece his chest, the spark took hold and grew. Understanding flashed before him and Dawn knew that all was not lost, that there was still light in the world, and that it would need to be protected. Kalvink's cruel muttering changed to angered disbelief as the very message written on Dawn's heart changed before his eyes. Angered beyond reason he had the guards throw Dawn, chest still gapping, back into the pit to: "Die! Die and take your false prophecies with you, monk!"

Taken by his friends and fellow prisoners, Dawn was not long for the world. There were no healers and no doctors here. Taking the scraps of gold that they had been saving in an attempt to bribe a guard with, the prisoners melted it and poured it over his wound. As if guided by an unseen craftsman, it filled the wound and spread out perfectly to seal it, leaving behind a smooth golden cap over his heart in the shape of a sun. The singed and inflamed scaring around the wound only added to the uncanny sight as it appeared as if a perfect gold and crimson covered sun now adorned Dawn's chest.

Shortly after awakening, despite the others' protests, he made his way to the mouth of the cave. Looking up to a sky he couldn't see, Dawn began to shine from within and float just off the ground, "Thank you for what you all have taught me and done for me. Someday, I will gain the power to save you all. Don't give up hope. The Light is not dead. Sol is not dead. And you are not dead. We will all live in the light once more!" Reaching out his hand to his childhood friend, Dawn spoke with steel resolve, "I want to see the Sun again. I want to feel the warmth of the light. Will you follow me into the darkness once more?" Smiling, Aase grasped his hand and the two disappeared in a burst of light. Since the escape the two have been hounded all they way north as they seek out the one who "holds the Sun".
Robe of the True Believer
The Robe of the True Believer is a red and gold silken robe that flows with unnatural grace, often distracting those trying to focus on the wearer. The entire robe seems as if it weighs nearly nothing as it flutters and moves along with the movements of the wearer. It is said that only those of true faith may bring forth the power held with in.

"Quist-Tornith" Peace-Bringer
This staff has been passed down through generations of warrior-monks since the time of the Mirror of Heaven's founding. It is said that Kalnor the Bright himself wielded this staff. The staff is a golden metal shaft (which seems surprisingly light) topped by a ring holding several smaller rings to the top. It is said that the weapon will only reveal itself to a true master of Kal-Keet.

Amulet of Life
A simple sunstone necklace which seems to pulse with an internal glow when the wearer redoubles his efforts.

Dynamic Belt

This woven belt helps the wearer correct and hold his form for various athletic and acrobatic maneuvers.

Catstep Boots

Simple wooden sandles which have been had a thin sheet of metal cobbled to the bottom. Dawn has found that the slight difference in weight helps him always land on his feet, and provides a useful too for unexpected parries and strikes.