Janus Farron

"They think themselves better than I, when i gave EVERYTHING for them!!"
User: Corp
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Avenger/Favored Soul/11
Janus is around thiry years of age, yet he looks as if he is in his early twenties. He is tall, well built but not overly muscular.

Despite some scaring Janus is comely in apperance. However he took more of his genetic build from Raylos rather than Sara. Janus has medium cut black hair, which hangs slightly above his eyes, and has sharp defined features. Janus's eye color used to be brown, but has changed to a deep golden color since he has embrased his divine wright.

He wears the Thanes Rainment which is blood red in apperance, and carriers exodus, which in itself is a massive, imposing blade. His overall appearance may be intimidating, yet no wrath is visible in his outward expression. Janus carriers himself tall, confident, but not cocky.

Side Note:
Unbeknownst to Janus his fellow soldiers find his presence inspriring. They know his lineage, they see his golden eyes and recognizing the legends of old within his stare. This gives them hope, which is a rare feeling in the new world.
My earliest memories are that of my mother Sara Farron reading to me by candle light in our small shelter. She loved to read stories of Sanctuary, about the magnificent LightBringers and her faith to the fallen one. She rarely mentioned my father Raylos or my brother Tristan, due to the emotional anguish she would experience. My mother said she used to live in a grand keep, with soldiers that protected her, and kept her lands safe. Tristan was captain of the guard, and her life seemed to be stable and secure. How our lives ended up like this seems kind of ironic.

Sara introduced me to my faith. My mother had been through much in her lifetime, the death of her husbands, Marcus and Raylos, and the death of her son Tristan. She swore and firmly believed that our family would walk in the light again, and all would be restored. Faith was all my mother had, it was her anchor in her shattered life. It kept her sane, and guided her through her days. I remember Sara saying that I was special, that the fallen one had chosen me above all others. She insisted that the lineage of Farron was not cursed, and that I carried the divine spark within me to make a difference in this world.. she claimed that Paylor himself told her this… My mother loved me, introduced me to my faith, and taught me all she could… I will always love her, and remember her sacrifices.

I remember Sara’s last words to me. “When there is nothing but darkness all around us, let your inner light be your torch, and may it guide you to safety”. I interoperated this saying differently than most. I believed that a piece of the fallen one lived within us all, and even through his death he could not be eliminated altogether. The light father may have died, but all light is not dead.

The night of the massacre still remains fresh in my mind. My studies were going about as normal, until I heard the screams of dying soldiers. My room door was kicked in, and I was greeted by our knight captain Ohderik. He was an overwhelming figure, clad head to toe in shiny full plate. He wielded a sword taller than most men, known as Exodus. I would latter find out that it was given to him when he was a Light Bringer.

Ohderik rescued me that night. Soldiers died all around us, horrible screams filled the night as swords met human flesh. What was left of my mother’s army was being slaughtered before my own eyes. Ohderik didn’t stay to help the troops, he didn’t take me to rescue Sara… He cut a path through the enemy ranks, and took me north. He said this was what my mother wanted, said that he was just following orders… He didn’t look back once.

The Ex LightBringer Ohderik started my training that night. He put a bloody sword in my hand and said
“our gods have abandoned us boy! If you have anything left fighting for, follow me or be left behind”. I followed. This was the day my innocence died…. I was only seven years old.

Many years passed, as life sped forward like a flowing river. Ohderik had turned me into a capable soldier, with all the skills of killing at my disposal. I followed in his suit, like a good…. Son.. He trained me relentlessly, but only in the sword. As powerful a man as he was his faith was dead, while mine was just blooming. As much as I had been through, I never thought about giving up, Sara would not allow that… She said I was destined for greatness, that I had the Devine Spark within me, and knowing that, how could I allow myself to fail her.

Ohderik and I traveled the lands of the north, protecting the lands as best we could. We had made a deal with a powerful war chief by the name of Grimmdal, and joined their ranks. We traveled with their raiding parties, protecting the lands and dealing death along the border.

This was our life. All we knew was fighting and death, and I could deal with it. I never fought a truly innocent Yuan Ti, nor a fanatical besybian worshiper… They all died under our blades. To me failure has never been an option, for Sara’s sake I couldnt allow it. Ohderik and I slew our enemy for many years, up until this last year, until we walked into a death trap.

Grimmdal recognized our many victories, and wanted to use us in a strike force that he had been planning. We were to strike into the mainland, and retake a heavily guarded circle of power. His shamanistic advisor said that we would be able to harness the powers of old, and increase the might of our army.
We waded into the darkness, and found the land had changed much. Our path was not as clear as it had been described, and we found ourselves nearly lost. I don’t think we even made it to our destination when the attack happened. Swarms of Yuan Ti enveloped our men like a black tide. We fought for many days in darkness and death. Ohderik took a sword through the shoulder, and nearly succumbed to Yuan Ti venom.

In this time of Darkness my moment had arrived. I took Sara’s words to heart, and followed my inner light. The Devine spark within me swelled like a storm, and I knew my path. I harnessed my divine wright, and used it to eradicate the Yuan ti for the survival or all our soldiers. I made an oath to the forgotten one to end this madness for the sake our species existence. I picked up Exodus and cut a path through the tide of snakes. I managed to drag Ohderik to safety, and organized a hasty retreat. This was all new to me…. I had never been in charge.

We were harried until we reached the borders of Yesiglund. Many died, that was unavoidable. Yet the men followed me feverishly. They even said I bore the golden eyes of the dead legend Tempus. They followed me to near death, obeying my orders, yet they would all have died if it weren’t for the help of some unlikely allies. He said his name was Anthony Garabaldi, he envisioned the death of our soldiers… and the death of the chosen one… he said he saw where it would happen, and knew how to prevent it. With him traveled a monk of considerable power, and a few collected soldiers. Together we were able to fight back what remained of the Yuan Ti force, and retreat to the northlands.
"Exodus" Vicious Full Blade +3
This sword belonged to Knight Captain Ohderik, given to him as a gift by the leader of the Lightbringers Tempus. The swords origonal name is unknown, but retains the name "Exodus", given to it by its pervious owner. Its recognized as a legendary sword, however, the power faded considerably once the god of light lost his life. The sword was renamed after Ohderik lost his power, and the world fell into darkness. Ohderik has passed the blade onto Janus, after sustaining heavy injuries during his last battle.
The blades apperance is a tarnished dull gray color, and appears to draw in any light around it. It seems almost as if its consuming the light.. thirsty for more. The blades length is nearly as tall as a grown man, and is well maintained.

"Guardian" Preipat of Cascading Health +2 No longer Equiped
This item is a pendant that was given to Janus at birth, by his mother Sara. Its was origonaly a holy symbol made for Raylos when he was begining the trials of the Lightbringer (post demonic pact). As fate would have it, Raylos chose another path... and the symbol was crafted into a pendant, by Sara. Upon Raylos's death, the pendant was brought to life, and took on a magic of its own.
Sara claimed the wearer of the pendant will always have a guardian looking out for them. The pendant is in the shape of a bursting sun, made of solid gold, with a silver blade directly centered in its circle.
Current Status: Guardian was given to the Ruler of Forests to forge an alliance. Guardian was not the most powerfull possesion of Janus's, however it was his most prized possesion.

"Thane Raiment" Cloth Armor +3
The Thanes Rainment was given to Janus as a gift for his many victories of the Yuan ti while defending the borders of Yesigland. Grimmdal himself presented this prize to Janus. The garb is dark red in apperance, and is said to be soaked in the blood of countless Yuan ti. Only champions are allowed the honor of wearing such armor.