"The contract is my oath."
User: Deckhart
Race: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/3
The Stranger stands a formidable six foot seven inches, staring out at the world from behind the opaque glass eyepieces of his featureless black battle-mask. What visible skin there is on his person ripples with muscles and scars and the signs of aging. He moves with the dignity of a military man and very rarely speaks. When he does it is in a curt, blunt baritone.

He wields only a chipped arming sword that looks to have seen better days.
Stranger is stoic, loyal and puts the job above all else. His personality is as far from warm as you can get and his distance is earned from experience. He speaks only when spoken to but his every move is practiced, like a well choreographed dance. He is the textbook definition of a soldier even though he would attest to otherwise.