Heart's Sacrifice

User: Cody
Campaign: Swamplight Burial
Race: Garou: Metis
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Philodox/Fostern
Huge Size
Sign of the Wolf
Mark of the Predator

Homid Form: Ruric is a very tall (nearly 8 feet tall) teenager, appearing in the vicinity of 18 (though only about 13-14 years of actual age.) He is a Fenrir with huge curling black velvet-covered horns. His eyes are ice blue and his posture and carriage is that of a predator and warrior.

Crinos Form: Roughly 15" of unbridled fury - this Purely Bred Metis bears a grayish-silvery-white coat that heralds his Fenrir lineage. He is an impressive and extremely well muscled beast, sure to terrify even the most stalwart of opponents.

Lupus Form: His body is nearly the size of the Hispo wolf, and the horns continue to show upon his head. He seems for all intents and purposes to be a Horned Dire Wolf, almost looking like a beast out of ancient myth rather than reality.