eizike kahail

"Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than self. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all."
User: dustin
Campaign: How Time Flies
Race: elan
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class: psion
standing at 6'1" and 238 lbs eizike is i sizable man along with having no body hair and eyes so green they almost glow. he also has a valknut tattooed where his chest and neck meet. and a circle on his back with the crest of ringbrier in the center and the names timothy, William, Randolf, Markus,and Alexandrina forming lines to make it look as a wheel
Ringbriar was on the western side of the dagger river and not worth much as a strategic target. They didn't produce weapons or any other war gear and, being a small community, did not send many soldiers to the battlefields. That didn't stop word of the war from reaching this community of scholars and artists. Nor did it stop nearly half of the Kahail Cadre from seeking enlistment. Five members joined the Brelish Mage Corp just 3 years into the war, declaring that this war was the most monumental event in the long history of Galifar, Ringbriar, and the Brelish Province. Once the blessing and approval of the Elder's was bestowed, they girded themselves for war and set out. The remaining four members of the Cadre sought solace in their studies. One in particular condemned them as failures. He felt that they reduced the strength of Ringbriar. That they reduced it's ability to defend itself. That is what he said publicly anyway. Inside, however, he quaked with fear at the idea of standing on a battlefield. He feared death even more. As an Elan, he was nearly timeless and he meant to keep it that way.
Eizike, refused to even correspond with his distant brothers and sisters, but sat rapt with awe at the letters sent to the other remaining members of his Cadre. About 30 years after they set out, all correspondence stopped. Many thought that they were simply forward deployed to a place with no postal services. Weeks turned into months, months to years with no word. Most were truly beginning to worry. Nearly 20 years after the last letter, an official courier brought a package addressed to House Kahail. The Cadre opened it together, even Eizike was there. What they found was almost too much to bear. It was the personal effects of their family that had gone to war. Included was a journal, a letter from some General declaring them heroes, and and the Distinguished Oak Leaf of Heroes for each of them. Eizike was so devastated that he never read the Generals account or how they died. He knew they died courageously and that was all he needed. His resolved solidified, he set out to prepare himself for war. Originally a tall lanky man, Eizike started to train his body as much as his mind. He packed on muscle, grew in bulk and trained in war strategy. After a year of diligent training, he sought the Elder's blessing to go to war as his brothers and sisters had. To avenge them if he could and to aid in the ending of the war. The Elder's denied his request, he was full of anger and grief, not courage. The denial shattered him. He sunk into a depression that consumed him.
A year later, an elder from abroad returned to Ringbriar to retire. When he first met Eizike he asked "What about you causes such melancholy?"
Eizike's reply was "I lost half my Cadre to the war. All I wish is to avenge them and the Elder's won't grant me leave of this place."
The Elder asks "Does it not make you curious that they would deny you? What reason did they give? And have you sought to correct that deficiency?"
Eizike saw through the cloud of grief and decided to find a way past his anger to honor the memory of his family. He dug through the library until he found what he sought.
When he again came before the Elders to make his request, they still saw rage, but he took a breath and mentally became Timothy, the first of his Cadre, he continued to cycle through their personalities one by one - William, Randal, Markus, and Alexndria - each of these other psyches radiated courage.
Eizike told the elders that instead of going to war himself, he sought to continue the service of his Cadre.

They granted his request.

What Eizike did not tell the elders was that he would not fight for Breland. They had let his family die. He studied the war and its reasons during his year of training and felt that the cause of Cyre was just. Every ten years he was discharged. About that time a man would show up at one of the other armies of Cyre requesting enlistment. Each time he enlisted under the name of one his Cadre members. He is on his 6th enlistment, and has finally enlisted as himself. Through the courageous acts he committed on behalf of his fallen Cadre, he has learned courage.

Captain Pech, during his search for members of his team, stumbled across records of a large spell slinger man with a some curious tattoos and the same hometown. When he read further, he came to the conclusion that this Eizike was not what he seemed. He sent a letter stating such and requesting a meeting with the junior soldier. When they met, Captain Pech explained what he had discovered and told Eizike that he didn't need to know the details, just whether or not he was right and would Eizike like to leave the rank and file for an assignment that could really affect the outcome of the war?

Obviously, he accepted.