"I've killed for less"
User: johnathan
Campaign: How Time Flies
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/5
When a dragonborn hatches, instinct guides it to search for its mothers face, and if she can't be there, the hatchling seeks the face of its clan appointed care-giver. When the hatchling that grew into Runne hatched, he looked and looked and all he saw were more eggs. Eggs in every direction as far as he could see. The first attention he received was to be carried into a nursery and dumped in with the rest of the new hatchlings. Life for these hatchlings was eat, sleep, and play. No nurturing. After a few years of this, he was shuttled away from the other hatchlings and into a school. The routine changed little; eat, sleep, play, and learn. By the time Runne was 12 cycles old, he was moved into a barracks with lots of bigger young dragonborn. It did not take for the bigger ones to bully and push around the smaller new additions. Runne decided that he didn't much like it. He decided that he would get big, strong, and dangerous so that no one would pick on him or his friends.

3 years pass and Runne is now the biggest and strongest youth in the Hatchery Barracks. There is no more bullying of the smaller youth. And the next biggest agrees with Runne, and the third biggest, too. It's a good thing because Runne is selected for active duty earlier than usual, mostly because of his exceptional strength and prowess. He is sent to advanced ax training and taught the family history. He is taught why he has no family name, how is family was exiled from the royal houses of Q'barra. He was taught to be on the lookout for the ancestral icons so that they may again claim their heritage. Once he fully understood his role both militarily and familialy, he was attached to a mercenary squad and shipped out to war. His family lived in Cyre and so accepted contracts from that nation exclusively.

After several skirmishes and many all out battles, Runne is advanced to the head of his mercenary squad. During the Battle of Hedgewood Hill, The Ax Forest, as Runne's squad came to be known, were ordered to hold the only wagon worthy bridge in the area so that enemy supplies and heavy reinforcements could not cross. What the Commanding Officer did not know was that the enemy had sent an elite unit to escort the caravan. The Ax Forest held after assault after assault slammed against them. In the end, though, they could not win. Numbers, technology and training were just against them. Only three survived the battles that raged that day, but the bridge was destroyed at the last so the caravan could not pass. The last three members of the Ax Forest were captured by the enemy. The other two died during transit and the torture that took place after it. Runne held. He did not spill any secrets nor did he allow his spirit to be broken.

He spent almost a year in the prisoner camp. Almost a year planning his escape. When Runne made his move, he did so swiftly and decisively. He killed anyone that stood before him with nothing but a work shovel. He fled all the way back to Cyre. When he crossed the border, he was trussed up and transported like a prisoner. This didn't bother Runne any, he knew that it would be sorted out. Once in the capitol of Metrol, he was debriefed. Three days later he received the invite to join an elite unit, hand picked. After seeing what such units could accomplish, he couldn't say no.
Armor - Plate armor
Primary Weapon - Greataxe
Secondary Weapon -
Ranged Weapon -
Other Weapons -
Other Items of Interest
Male Dragonborn Fighter
Level 5
Good (Chaotic)
Representing Johnathan

Strength 20 (+5)
Constitution 18 (+4)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 15 (+2)
Charisma 13 (+1)
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 320 lb
Scales: Black
Eyes: Silver
Hair: None

Maximum Hit Points: 57

Bloodied: 28
Surge Value: 18 [includes draconic heritage]
Surges / Day: 13 [includes constitution modifier]

Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares [includes armor penalty]
Vision: Normal

Initiative: 1d20 +8 = 2 [half level] + 2 [dexterity] + 4 [improved initiative]
Base Strength Attack: 1d20 +7 = + 2 [half level] + 5 [strength]
Base Dexterity Attack: 1d20 +4 = + 2 [half level] + 2 [dexterity]
Base Constitution Attack: 1d20 +6 = + 2 [half level] + 4 [constitution]
Base Intelligence Attack: 1d20 +3 = + 2 [half level] + 1 [intelligence]
Base Wisdom Attack: 1d20 +4 = + 2 [half level] + 2 [wisdom]
Base Charisma Attack: 1d20 +3 = + 2 [half level] + 1 [charisma]

Armor Class: 20 = 10 + 2 [half level] + 8 [plate]
Fortitude Defense: 19 = 10 + 2 [half level] + 2 [fighter] + 5 [strength]
Reflex Defense: 14 = 10 + 2 [half level] + 2 [dexterity]
Will Defense: 14 = 10 + 2 [half level] + 2 [wisdom]

Armor: Plate (50 lb)

Shield: None


Unarmed Melee: +7 [base strength attack] vs AC; damage 1[W]=1d4+5 [strength bonus]
Greataxe: +10 vs AC [+7 strength attack] [+2 proficiency][+1 two-hand talent]; damage 1[W]=1d12+5 [strength bonus] 12 lb (Axe) High crit
Dragon Breath +9 [base strength attack + 2] vs reflex; damage1d6+4 [constitution]
Cleave +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
Tide of Iron +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
Covering Attack +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
Brute Strike +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
Sweeping Blow +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
Dizzying Blow +7w [base strength attack] vs AC
w Weapon-based power. Apply adjustments for proficiency, situation, feats, magic, etc.

Base Saving Throw: d20 vs 10

Encumberance 4e
Normal Load:
Heavy Load:
Maximum Drag Load
200 lb.
400 lb.
1000 lb.

Encumberance 3.5
Light load:
Medium load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
Push or drag:
133 lb. or less
134-266 lb.
267-400 lb.
400 lb.
800 lb.
2000 lb.

Languages: Common; Draconic;

Rituals Known:


Acrobatics: +2 = 2 [dexterity] + 2 [half level]-2 [armor]
Arcana: +3 = 1 [intelligence] + 2 [half level]
Athletics: +10 = 5 [strength] + 2 [half level] + 5 [class training]-2 [armor]
Bluff: +3 = 1 [charisma] + 2 [half level]
Diplomacy: +3 = 1 [charisma] + 2 [half level]
Dungeoneering: +4 = 2 [wisdom] + 2 [half level]
Endurance: +9 = 4 [constitution] + 2 [half level] + 5 [class training]-2 [armor]
Heal: +4 = 2 [wisdom] + 2 [half level]
History: +5 = 1 [intelligence] + 2 [half level] + 2 [Dragonborn]
Insight: +4 = 2 [wisdom] + 2 [half level]
Intimidate: +10 = 1 [charisma] + 2 [half level] + 2 [Dragonborn] + 5 [class training]
Nature: +4 = 2 [wisdom] + 2 [half level]
Perception: +4 = 2 [wisdom] + 2 [half level]
Religion: +3 = 1 [intelligence] + 2 [half level]
Stealth: +2 = 2 [dexterity] + 2 [half level]-2 [armor]
Streetwise: +3 = 1 [charisma] + 2 [half level]
Thievery: +2 = 2 [dexterity] + 2 [half level]-2 [armor]


Armor Proficiency -- Plate
Enlarged Dragonbreath
Improved Initiative


Basic Melee Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+5 [strength bonus] [standard action]
Basic Ranged Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+2 [dexterity bonus] [standard action]
Bull Rush: +7 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action]
Grab: +7 [base strength attack] vs reflex [standard action]
Move grabbed target: +7 [base strength attack] vs fortitude [standard action]
Escape: +2 [acrobatics] vs reflex / +10 [athletics] vs fortitude [move action]
Cleave [Level 1]
Tide of Iron [Level 1]

Other Standard Actions: Administer a potion; Aid another; Charge [+1 to basic melee attack or bull rush]; Coup de grace; Equip / stow shield; Ready an action; Total defense; Sustain standard action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics -- fast escape; Bluff, Heal -- first aid (use second wind DC10, stabilize the dying DC15, grant a saving throw DC15), Intimidate, Thievery depending on circumstances);

Other Move Actions: Crawl; Run [speed 7]; Stand up; Shift; Squeeze; Walk; may include some skills during combat (i.e., Acrobatics, Athletics)

Other Minor Actions: Draw / sheathe weapon; Drink a potion; Drop prone; Load a crossbow; Open / close a door; Pick up an item; Retrieve / stow an item; Perception -- active (as per revision),Sustain minor action; Some skills during combat (i.e., Insight)

Other Immediate Action: Readied action

Other Opportunity Action: Opportunity attack

Other Free Actions: Drop held items; End a grab; Talk

Other Non-Actions: Delay; Endurance checks; Insight to counter Bluff; Knowledge checks; Perception -- passive

Short rest: Healing surges as available

Five minutes: Normal escape from restraints (Acrobatics)

One hour: Forage; Streetwise check

Encounter Powers:

Second Wind
Spend an Action Point [free action, not in surprise round]
Dragon Breath, Fire [Dragonborn][minor action]
Covering Attack [Level 1]
Sweeping Blow [Level 3]

Daily Powers:

Brute Strike [Level 1][reliable]
Unstoppable [Level 2 Utility][minor action]
Dizzying Blow [Level 5][reliable]


+2 Strength, +2 Charisma (already included)
+2 History, +2 Intimidate
Dragonborn Fury (when bloodied, +1 on attacks)
Dragonborn Heritage (healing surge includes constitution bonus)
Dragon Breath

Combat Challenge (mark enemy)
Combat Superiority (bonus on opportunity attacks equal to your wisdom modifier, and an enemy struck by opportunity attack stops moving)
This fighter chose the two-handed style [already included].

Runne's Equipment:

62 lb
2 lb
5 lb

4 lb
2 lb
5 lb
1 lb
10 lb
10 lb
2 lb
4 lb
107 lb Weapons / Armor / Shield (from above)
Flint and steel
Grappling hook
Pitons x10
Pouch (belt) x1
Rations (1 day) x10
Rope (50', hempen) x1
Sunrods x2
Waterskins x1


Magic items:


Action Point Tally:

Daily Item Powers Per Day: Heroic Tier Milestones: / / /

Death Saving Throw Failures: