Elliot Brown

"There is only one truth, hidden behind the lies..."
User: Josh
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Elliot is a 6 foot crime scene investigator. He is the oldest of three at age 41. He was a graduate from the University of New Haven. He is the only male in a family with the rest of girls. He is a who was divorced once after his wife committed adultery. His family was very family oriented and when his uncle died and they never found his killer, it made him want to strive to be an investigator. He strives to make all criminals guilty no matter the cost or what he has to do.
6'0, 41 years of age, oldest of 4 children, only male, graduate of New Haven. Makes brilliant choices in his line of work. He makes everyone he works with a better all around employee and makes them want to work harder. He makes the victims feel safe and makes them feel like they know he is gonna do whatever it takes to find the suspect.
  • Boss Level (Active) Plus Spacer
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