Willow Adler

"I can get around that."
User: Rachel
Race: Human
Gender: Female
27 years old
154 lbs.
Black hair
Grayish-blue eyes
Multiple ear piercings
Tattoo in white ink on left wrist- "Cura Te Ipsum"
She grew up as an only child living with her parents in New York. She didn't have many friends, and found her adventures and companions in books. She always enjoyed science, so she decided to become a forensic scientist. She went to college and earned a degree in chemistry and a degree in criminal justice. She worked as a lab analyst in New York City for a while until she realized she would rather tell a story as she saw it rather than just state the cold hard facts. She moved to the country in the United Kingdom around Llangynidr. She decided that she wanted to start a small specialty museum about crimes, some famous and some unheard. She now is the proud owner of the Museum of Dreadful Acts and Vengeful Deeds. She runs it all by herself, and also acquires the items for her exhibits through her own means.
Her curiosity is what drives her, and what gets her into some interesting situations. She chooses not to associate with many people, as they don't always understand why she does what she does.
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