The Journal of Perseus Moon

Campaign: Murderers and Mad(wo)men

Case #14578 - Ophelia's Mysterious Death.
Possible Suicide
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 3/14/2014
Case Reopened: 03/19/2014

What in the world occurred here? It’s been 58 hours since Ophelia Marks died. There is very little evidence to what caused her death. I was summoned to Denmark, North Carolina because I specialize in odd cases such as these. According to the family, Ophelia was the girlfriend of the Governor’s son, Hamlet. Only 4 months ago, the Honorable Kingsley Hamlet, King for short, died from unknown causes. It was never determined if he died of natural causes. I hopped on the quickest plane to Denmark and began my investigation. When I arrived, I found no one there to greet me. It was as if no one truly cared about Ophelia. I rented a vehicle and drove to the address listed as her residence. I knocked, but the sound echoed through the entire house as though not a single item remained in it. At this point, I am confused and disheartened that I flew all this way and am receiving no assistance.

I turned around to walk back to my car when a black Audi R8 pulled into the driveway near my grey Civic rental car. A man draped in luxurious clothing stepped out of the vehicle. I was immediately repulsed by this man’s aura. He introduced himself as Claudius Hamlet. I immediately made the connection that this was the brother of the late Kingsley Hamlet. I began to recall the report I was given for the journey. This man, after his brother’s death, had made a special request that he be Governor for the remainder of his brother’s term. The request had been granted and he was rather pleased. He asked what my business was in this area. I began to explain that I was Perseus Moon, a detective summoned here to investigate the recent death of Ophelia Marks. The case was hard to determine if it was suicide or murder. He smiled at me and asked me to follow him back to the Governor’s mansion. I obliged and followed him through a multitude of curvy and treacherous roads. Along the way, I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that not only did this man take his brother’s term but also his wife. In only five months, this man had married his sister-in-law and took a political position. At the time, I decided that was a different case for a different time. We arrived at the mansion in about 8 to 10 minutes and parked. I noticed the grandeur of this home and decided they are not hurting financially.

I made my way into the building and the Governor introduced me to a man with puffy red eyes as though he had recently been crying. His name was Laertes Marks, the brother of Ophelia. He explained to me that not only had his sister died, but through gritted teeth as if he wasn’t telling me the full truth, he explained that his father was missing as well. I inquired further about his father, but he would give me no more information. We made our way upstairs and I was introduced to Gertrude Hamlet. She explained how Ophelia was a dear friend of the family and how she would be sorely missed. She spoke of her in great detail and kindness. This lady was graceful with her words, the way she described finding her dead felt like it should be written down in a book for all the world to see. I felt moved to tears. After she quit talking, I inquired about the death. She reiterated that she had went down for a short stroll and saw Ophelia floating in the river. I thanked her once again and told Claudius that I would be back, but I needed to go to the area in which she was found. He gave me directions to the river and sent me on my way.

When I arrived, I noticed there wasn’t much to see. I looked out over the river and saw it was a decent sized river. About 9 feet deep and 28 foot across. It wasn’t a fast moving river, it seemed calm in the afternoon light. The current pushed it ever so slowly. But there was a current. I then realized that Mrs. Hamlet would have had to make her way to the river just as she had died. Otherwise, the current would have carried her away. I looked around the scene once more and saw a tree. The tree was missing a branch. The area in which the branch would have come from looked very fresh. There was still strings of wood hanging off as if it had recently fallen. I ran back to my car and dug through my clothes bag. I had brought a pair of swim trunks just in case I wanted to utilize the hotel’s pool. Since there appeared to be no one around, I changed right there on the spot. I ran back to the river and praying that nothing in it would kill me, I jumped in. The water was cool and fresh on my face. It felt like the perfect temperature. I angled myself downward and dove to the bottom of the lake.

There at the bottom was a large tree limb. Its weight had dragged it to the bottom and kept it there. I noticed something stuck to the smallest branch. It was a torn piece of clothing. I brought it to the surface and made my way to the car. I dried off and changed into suitable clothes. I drove to my hotel for the first time that day. At the front desk, an envelope was waiting for me. It contained a picture of the body after it had been pulled from the lake by Gertrude. The material and color looked exactly the same. I pieced together what I thought happened. It seemed to me that Ophelia climbed on the tree to look out over the water, the limb broke, and Ophelia could not swim. Gertrude saw her and decided to not help her because she felt that Hamlet was too good for her. I speculated this due to the fact they spawn from two different class structures. Though she was a storyteller, and a damn good one at that, she could not hide the facts. I went back to the mansion and asked a few follow-up questions. Gertrude was eager to talk to me and began to elaborate even further. The thing that gave her up was when she mentioned that Ophelia’s soggy clothes had pulled her to the bottom until she had drowned under the weight of them. She said she could still remember her shrill singing as she went under. How did Gertrude know that without being there to observe the death?

I immediately left and went to the Police Station. I gave them my findings and had them arrest Gertrude. When they searched her residence they did in fact find a journal entry full of distaste for Ophelia. She felt as though Hamlet should marry someone of great importance. Also there was another part of Ophelia’s dress tucked away in the same journal entry to remind her that her issue was gone.

I decided that the case here was finished. Though Gertrude had not killed Ophelia, she had, in fact, watched her die and was therefore guilty of Negligent Homicide. She should be put before a jury and tried for such.

-P. Moon

Addendum to the Journal Entry.
Perseus Moon.

My condolences to the Hamlet family. While waiting for Gertrude's trial she was killed in a murder plot by Claudius. By his actions he killed Gertrude, Laertes, and young Hamlet. At the end of it all young Hamlet killed Claudius. May this troubled family find peace in the afterlife.

-P. Moon
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Case #13565
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 12/12/2006
Case Reopened: 03/01/2014

I can’t even believe this is happening. The irony of this case is excruciating. Why are we even opening it up again? It’s clear that Mrs. Minnie Wright killed her husband, Mr. John Wright. She had strangled him with a rope late at night. A man named Lewis Hale showed up at the house the next morning and questioned Mrs. Wright about where her husband was and she said she that Lewis Hale could not see him, then said that he was dead. This happened 8 years ago, and the department is still up in arms about it. Mrs. Wright admitted herself that she killed her own husband. Really it’s the ladies who showed up at the department with fresh evidence that made the chief re-open the case. Mrs. Nadia Peters and Mrs. Courtney Hale arrived at the department late yesterday with information that had not been seen since the murder itself. I really feel like we should charge them with tampering and holding of evidence. They decided they couldn’t live with their actions any longer and after 8 years gave us even more to this case. It was a sewing basket with a box in it that had a dead bird.

The scene of the crime now is irrelevant due to the house burning down about 3 and a half years ago. So this case must be solved strictly by evidence. I decided it was time to reexamine the report and pictures of John Wright’s body. The strangle marks around the neck show to be concurrent with the idea that he struggled. The lacerations dug deep into the flesh at the front of the neck proving that he tried to pull away from Mrs. Wright. The pictures were of a gruesome detail and the look of horror that plagued his face is one of those things that stays in the back of your mind. I re-read the statements of Mr. Hale, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters. The investigation 8 years ago was previously handled by the late Sheriff Henry Peters and the county attorney George Henderson. Their statements show they documented the case extensively well but yielded no evidence as to what occurred that evening. All the ladies wanted to do was meander about trifles.

The ladies wanted to take items from the house during the investigation. For some reason the people in charge let them. I don’t understand why the ladies held the evidence from us in this way. I guess that’s the job of a psychologist to determine. Anyways, three days later the lab report of the bird showed that he was strangled, with a rope that had the same diameter of the rope used against Mr. Wright. Had she killed the bird to practice? I couldn’t really analyze the bird anymore so I decided to read the case report of Mr. Wright. According to the people around him he was a very harsh and angry man. But before this day Mrs. Wright was a sweet and pleasent old lady who bowed to the whim of Mr. Wright every day. I decided to bring the ladies in for questioning. If they were going to hold evidence from us, the least they could do was assist in the investigation. I commenced to ask them a series of questions.

After the interview I concluded that this bird had in fact been Mrs. Wright’s pet. She had raised it and sung with it each morning. When the investigators were speaking with them they grabbed the sewing box that the bird was placed in as to remove any evidence that could hurt her. Due to the harshness of Mr. Wright it’s what kept her sane during her life. The ladies said they felt so horrible for not stepping in and intervening while her husband was alive that the last thing they wanted to do was let her go to jail. But when the investigation had went on and she went to jail anyways, they were too scared to turn over the evidence. They believed that she had killed the bird as practice to kill Mr. Wright. I on the other hand believe that he in fact killed the bird with a small string of rope in the barn in a fit of anger. She became so upset because that was the only thing holding her to a grasp of life, so when the bird was killed the went crazy and killed her husband.

To end this case I believe that there should be no changes made to the case as it stands. Though he was mentally and perhaps a bit physically abusive she did still kill him. Therefore the case should remain a homicide case and there should be no parole.
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Case #13564
Aggravated Assault, Attempted Rape, Possible Murder
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1992
Case Reopened: 02/12/2014

Today is a day that I didn’t want to deal with. These cases can be the hardest to work with. A case that happened 20 years ago is a little more difficult to work with, due to a lack of fresh evidence. But it is my job to unearth that new evidence. I began looking at the current case. There were three teens, three adults, and three victims. The teens were all charged with aggravated assault as well as murder. Jeff Hardwell was sentenced to life with no parole, Jacob Duey was sentenced to 48 years with no parole, and one teen named Digby Jones was let off with a slap on the wrist due to his parents being wealthy. Jacob Duey, the youngest of the teenagers, has filed for an appeal. At 47 years old, he is still fighting to be free. I re-opened the case to figure out, with our new technology, what really happened.

I decided to retrace the kid’s steps up the mountain. I took a sample kit with me, along with a written version of his testimony, and a shovel. The crime occurred at Wakan Lake, otherwise referred to as, “Greasy Lake” by the young residents. The teens drove the vehicle belonging to Jacob Duey’s mother. It was a 1975 Chevy Bel-Air. I parked in the exact same place that was recorded by the detectives 20 years ago. According to Jeff, they pulled up to a vehicle that was already parked there, thinking the vehicle belonged to someone they knew. The vehicle was later identified as Michael Cortone’s blue 1957 Chevy. Michael was fooling around with his girlfriend in the backseat when three people he didn’t know started to honk, scream, and hit on his vehicle. He was justifiably upset and exited his vehicle.

He began to fight with the teenagers. Jacob Duey said he had lost the keys when he exited his vehicle so they were not able to escape. I noticed that, in fact, the grass does grow tall here and it would be quite easy to lose something. Jacob reached into the vehicle and grabbed a tire iron to defend himself. He hit Michael on the head with a very hard blow. Michael was knocked out, but at this point, the teens assumed he was dead.

I decided to leave the area as there wasn’t much more I could decipher here. I needed to go to the coroner’s office and see if the office still had the DNA records of Alan Wake. When the scene of the crime was investigated, there was a dead body near a motorcycle in the shallow area of the lake. The teens were found with nylon underneath their fingers. The girl that Michael was with had her clothes ripped off by the boys. They attempted to rape the girl while in a haze of violence.

A few adults showed up at Wakan Lake and scared the teenagers into the woods. The unidentified adults then destroyed Jacob’s mother’s vehicle. The adults never turned themselves in to face charges of vandalism. Michael ended up having a major concussion, but made a full recovery later. The girl immediately called 9-1-1 to report the teens had attempted to rape her. The teens were picked up within 2 hours of the call. I went to the coroner’s office and requested a DNA test using the blood that had been taken from Alan Wake’s clothing. Upon running the sample through the database at the department, I found that it did not match Jacob Duey’s DNA. I had discovered a new suspect. The sample actually matched a man named Jonathon Watkins. I was able to utilize new technology that had not been available when the crime was committed. Alan had died from a .38 caliber bullet. I decided to get a search warrant for Jonathan Watkin’s home. When we searched his house, a gun was found that still had traces of Alan Wake’s blood on it. The evidence was clear and it was determined that Jonathan Watkins had killed Alan Wake.

I was able to conclude that while the teens may not have committed murder, they did deserve time for aggravated assault and attempted rape. I will bring this report to the judge in hopes that he will grant an appeal for Jacob Duey. He and his friends did not kill this man.
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Case #13563. Missing Persons: Fortunato Poe.
Case #13563
Missing Persons - Fortunato Poe
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1953
Case Reopened: 02/02/2014

I decided to revisit a case that has not been opened in a while. I began looking into the missing Fortunato incident that occurred more than fifty years ago. The case was brought back to my attention after a witness to the crime came to the department. They mentioned that they finally had the nerve to tell the department who they saw Fortunato walking with many years ago. The witness described the man talking to Fortunato, which made Fortunato’s face glow with excitement and walk with the man south east towards the edge of town.

The witness claimed that the suspect may have been Montresor. He said it had been many years, but would recognize that face. After some research I discovered that Montresor was a millionaire living in the area. The witness stated that Fortunato and Montresor had both had been at the carnival together that evening and when Fortunato ultimately disappeared, Montresor was gone for a short period as well. I discovered that there had been a fair amount of angst against each other through a few newspaper clippings. Neither person liked each other.

Montresor had passed away three years ago, so obtaining a search warrant wasn’t much of an issue. I sent a couple pairs of his shoes to the lab, and when they returned I noticed a large amount of granite on every article of clothing. I was curious as to where he was in this small town that would have so much rock. I figured maybe there was a cave or something nearby. When I discovered there were no caves within a 20 mile radius, I was curious if there was a tunnel system underneath his residence.

I consulted the blueprints of his old victorian home and saw that nothing showed up except for a closet that was small and had no entrance or exit to beneath the house. The blueprints showed the closet in the foyer of the house. When I went to the house, I noticed a large bookshelf covering a large section of wall. I noticed that without a fair amount of help I would not be able to move this monstrous bookshelf on my own. I decided I would call it a day and come back tomorrow.

I reviewed the evidence I had collected so far. I now know that according to an eyewitness Fortunato had walked with Montresor south east, by re-tracing his possible steps we concluded that it must be to his mansion. I also concluded from old acquaintances and journals, these men were individuals who did not like each other, but looked like they did on the outside. I woke up the next morning early and asked a few people from the department to help me move the bookshelf. We forcefully pushed it to the left side and saw that it was a large hallway to what looked like catacombs. As I walked a few hundred feet down it became clear this long stretch of hallway was a wine cellar.

I continued down farther as the air became more musty and stale. It was clear that this area had not been touched in over fifty years. I reached the end of the hallway where it rounded out into an open space. I noticed that a stretch of wall was of a different color brick than the rest of the cellar. Parts of the wall had actually fallen out due to age, and when I kicked the remainder of the wall in, low and behold I found skeletal remains at the floor, and chains hanging from the ceiling. I brought my team back and we documented every angle with a picture, put down evidence markers, and I made sure to keep a note of everything we discovered.

When we DNA tested the remains, it came back 100% as Fortunato. When we sent off the chains, they had in fact been old when Montresor used them and in the process he cut himself. The blood on the chains indicated that it had in fact been Montresor who killed Fortunato. The scene played out that he lured him down to the cellar for some reason, knocked him out with a blunt object, and then chained him up to die alone and in the dark. While we can not punish the man who did this, there will be a special place in hell for him. At least we could give the Fortunato family just a small amount of closure.
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