Perseus Moon

""Be the change you want to see in the world""
User: Hunter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cold-Case Detective
Name: Perseus Cardinal Moon
Age: 24 1/2
Heigh and Weight: 5'11 - 145 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel Green & Brown
Hair Color: Dark Black
Tattoos: Two. One on his arm, one on his leg.

Brief Written Description: A rigid man with a toned face. He has high cheekbones and hair that is as dark as the night sky. He mainly wears dressier clothes, straight leg pants, half-boots, and a bowtie.. because bow ties are cool. He has a personality that is forgiving, but stern when needed. He is often very serious, but knows when to crack a joke.
Perseus (Percy) was raised born in Mantua, Italy. At 2 his parents moved to Stati Uniti d'America (United States). Raised on mainly English with a secondary language as Italian he had no difficulties growing up with a language barrier. Because his parents were travelers, never settling in one place, he was homeschooled til 14.

When Perseus was 14, his parents were killed by a man named Colton Redding. His parents were the twelfth life he has taken. This man had been inactive for years as a killer, but returned when his lust for blood hadn't been fulfilled lately. He was caught and incarcerated for 120 years to life, with no possibility of parole.

Perseus was incredibly devastated, and decided then that he would be someone who investigated cases such as these. He wanted to find any and all evidence that could put people away, even if the cases had ran cold.

It wasn't immediate success. Unable to pay for college, Percy had to first get a job at 15 as an assistant clerk at a small store in Jacksonville, Alabama. He lived with his Aunt and Uncle to have a residence to live in while still saving money. At 18, he applied to multiple different colleges but finally decided on University of Phoenix in Anaheim, California. He majored in Criminal Justice and graduated from the University after 3 years (taking 22 credit hours a semester). He started immediately on his masters online at Kaplan University while remaining in Los Angeles.

After graduating at 23 with both his B.S and M.S in Criminal Justice he was still forced to start off as a beat cop. He wore the uniform proud and served with dignity. Even with the corrupt nature of the people around him, he remained firm in the ideals of "serving and protecting". After a year and a half he was promoted to Detective. At 24 years old, he decided to specialize in cold-case detective work, in order to help track people down who may start their streak of terror again.

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