""Only in death does duty end.""
User: Lydia
Race: Hiveworlder
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Death Adept/5
Uriel is a young woman whose philosophy is simple: shoot first, talk later. Dragged into the Inquisition to kill for the Emperor, Uriel asks very few questions (at least out loud). For as long as she cares to remember, the assassin has silently drifted along, not just in work but in her interactions with the other people she encounters, people who she rarely feels more than a passing connection to. Uriel sees the world in blacks and whites; there are people she is powerful enough to kill, and those she can't kill...yet.
Uriel is a small, slight young woman, almost fragile looking, far too skinny even for somebody her admittedly underdeveloped height. This gives her once-pretty face a gaunt, slightly sunken appearance. While her dark-rimmed, sunken eyes were once a stony gray, after injecting herself with an unknown compound that gave her nightvision she obtained from a stranger on a ship, her eyes are now a pale milky white. Her low weight and sallow appearance rise from the same thing: long sleepless nights spent ritualistically polishing and maintaining her weaponry, which she is never seen without.

With ashy brown hair shaved into a messy and unruly mohawk and piercings covering her face, Uriel would seem like a woman who has difficulty blending into a crowd. But in fact, her years of rigorous training and past life spent hiding from adults and authority figures, Uriel can slips silently past guards or compact herself into a tight hiding spot with relative ease. This, of course, is perfect for her current "occupation".

Dangling on a piece of cord around Uriel's neck at all times is a single bullet, the metal dulled with blood. She never removes it and never speaks about it, but in times of stress or contemplation can often be seen gripping it tightly or twisting it slowly in her hand.