"Justice and Magic (LN style)"
User: achiriaco
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magic-User/3
STR 16
INT 18
WIS 11
DEX 15
CON 15
CHA 12

AC 9
HP 15

37 yrs old
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes

Resident of Saltmarsh
Member of the Guild of Seaton
Spell Book

1st Magic Missle
1st Enlarge
1st Sleep
1st Shocking Grasp
1st Unseen Servant or Hold Portal or Detect Magic

2nd Stinking Cloud
2nd Web
2nd Scare

3rd Clairvoyance
3rd Fireball

4 first level spells (2 for hi Int, and 2 for 3rd level caster)
3 second level spells (2 for hi Int and 1 for 3rd level caster)

Magic Items
Scroll of Clairvoyance

Info on Wizards Guild
So, Saltmarsh is located in the southern end of the Kingdom of Keoland on the coast of the Azure Sea and Dreadwood to the north. Saltmarsh is relatively small, so the guild is small as well, being connected to the larger guild in the city of Seaton. Searil Dragonbane is the Guild-master (you've never met him). Lady Alta is the regional head in Saltmarsh, whom you know. I don't really have much for the guild, other than it tries to keep powerful magic out of the hands of the wrong people, and regulates any of the mageware shops in the area as well as running the school of wizardry in Seaton. In general, the guild is made up of lawful magic users although all magic users are secretive to some degree. There is an underground mage guild that is chaotic, but little is known of it, even to the guild leaders.

Recorder of:
1) Basic Anatomy of Creatures (I would have basic cutting tools to preform autopsy's if needed)
2) Herbal-ism
3) Geography
4) Etc.