Nathalie Pageau

"Généralement, les gens qui savant peu parlent becoup, et les gens qui savant beaucoup parlent peu. Generally speaking, the people who know little speak a lot and the people who know a lot speak little. "
User: Romesh
Race: Southern European/Mediterranean
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Detective 1, Soldier 4, Technician (P) 1, Thief (S) 5/4
Ms. Nathalie Pageau hails from the Mediterranean coast of France. She is soft spoken, inquisitive, and easily adapts to her surroundings, thus earning her the nickname "Le Chameleon".

Height of 5'5", brown hair and green eyes, slender build.
Ms. Pageau is a recently retired asset from the French General Directorate for External Security. She had a successful career infiltrating Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian terrorist camps abroad and the headquarters of sympathetic organizations at home. Her ability to quickly impersonate persons of interest earned her the nick-name "Le Chameleon" in professional circles. Ms. Pageau's career was abruptly ended when her identity was revealed by an unknown source within the Directorate. Once revealed, various terrorist organizations such as the Islamic Salvation Front, Polisario Front, and Takfir wa Hijra targeted "Le Chameleon" for elimination.

After loosing several SG teams attempting to infiltrate off-world intelligence agencies the SGC recognized the need for a trained intelligence asset on future SGC teams. Unfortunately all of the OIC participating countries viewed their intelligence assets as too valuable to risk on off-world missions. Repeated requests were routinely denied and the SGC was loosing hope when General Landry, while watching the evening news, caught a story about the exposure of "Le Chameleon". He quickly utilized his contacts with the Cabinet Noir to gain access to the after mission reports of Ms. Pageau. In them he learned of her success in locating a Unha-2 missile the Islamic Salvation Front was planning to use to attack Marseille and how she was able to reprogram its guidance systems to have it crash in a remote location in the Algerian desert. More important to General Landry was her skill in infiltrating a heavily secured camp outside of Tunis, identifying an operative in the Polisario Front, and placing a RFID chip on him so that he could be targeted by an improvised munition. Satisfied that her skills would fill a needed deficiency in a new SG team he was forming, he recruited Ms. Pageau.

No longer able to work and having nowhere safe to retire, Ms. Pageau agreed to join the SGC.

Ms. Pageau is frustrated to not be able to enjoy a nice quiet retirement after a long career in the Directorate. However she is looking forward to applying her trade craft to new, off world, targets.