Roshin Mandarn

User: Tim
Campaign: Kassen's Children
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Roshin stands 6' 3", weighs 220 lbs and is very heavily muscled. He has dark wavy hair and a full beard. He is almost always has a stern look on his face and rarely smiles.
Roshin was born 25 years ago to Lila and Peten Mandarn in the town of Kassen. At the time of Roshin’s birth, Lila and Peten were already well into their 50’s and had thought they had already raised their family. Roshin was quite a surprise! Although they didn’t talk about it much, Roshin has an older brother Tekel that left some 25 years before his birth to seek his fame and fortune.

Lila and Peten were farmers, and lived a few miles outside of town toward the Mindspin Mountains. Roshin’s childhood was generally good. He helped out at the farm, and attended “schooling” in town.

At age 13, tragedy struck as both Lila and Peten became ill during a harsh winter storm. It started as a simple cold that developed into a deep cough and then worse. After two weeks they died in there sleep. (Deep down, Roshin feels he should have done more to keep them alive.)

When Roshin came into town, he was taken in by Renet the town blacksmith. For 4 years Roshin was taught the trade until Renet’s son reached the age to begin studying under his father. It was that time that Roshin married his school sweet heart, Lana. On a trip to visit his parent’s home, Lana suggested that they move there and that Roshin start his own forge. While nowhere near Renet’s skills, there was enough work in the town – repairing tools, creating horse shoes, etc. that Roshin was able to make a meager living while Lana started a small garden.

At the age of 20, having been married for nearly three years, during a winter storm, Roshin and Lana had a baby girl they named Lila after Roshin’s mother. Lila quickly grew into a healthy young girl, things could not have been better – until strategy struck again.

On a cool fall evening, shortly after dusk, Roshin was finishing up in the forge when he heard Lila scream. Rushing from the barn, Roshin saw orcs – dozens of them surrounding his home. Much of it is still a blur of orcs and fire and blood and then darkness. When Roshin finally woke, hours later, the smoldering remains his home lay in ruin. Searching frantically, Roshin found the bloodied and burned bodies of his wife and daughter within the remains of his home.

He does not remember how long he just sat, holding their bodies. After the burial, he started the forge one last time. Working for two straight days and using the last of his steel, Roshin crafted a crude chest plate, a shield, and a war hammer. He then set out for the mountains and to revenge his wife and daughter.

For five days he tracked the orc band, until he came upon them at dawn. Fighting as if possessed by Gorum himself, Roshin attacked the band of orcs. He would have died had Captain Wisslo and a band of men from Kassen not come across the orcs. They had been tracking them for days as well. When the battle was over, Roshin had killed nearly a dozen orcs, and had suffered enough wounds that he should have died. Luckily Wisslo had with him enough magic to save Roshin.

That was nearly a year ago. Since then Roshin has trained diligently under Captain Wisslo. It took sometime, but Roshin realized that the best way to avenge his wife and daughter’s death was to be trained.