"There is no Supernatural, only the Natural that we do not YET have the science to explain. And explain it, I shall."
User: Argyle
Gender: Male
Class: Mad Scientist
Slightly shaggy-haired gentleman, with a horseshoe mustache and goatee. Aforementioned hair is black. Almost always wears a suit and tie, frequently with a long coat tossed over it. Carries a gatling pistol in a holster on his right hip, and has a few suspicious bulges about his person that could be other weapons.
Habitually checks his pocketwatch VERY frequently.
My mother died of the consumption when I was four, leavin' my upbringin' to my father.
As a result, I spent most of my childhood around the munitions plant. Pokin' inta things that a kid prolly shouldn'ta been pokin' inta... and my father would just laugh, and say "Let the boy be... if'n he gets hisself blowed up, then I reckon he wasn't up to the job of runnin' things when I'm gone anyways. Better to find it out Now than Then."

So I cut my teeth on things that go boom, and gadgets for deliverin' umpteen different types of death to the poor feller on the receivin' end of things.

Oh, I went to school, like anybody else, and eventually went to college, where I studied chemistry and suchlike... but my real learnin' was at the munitions plant.