Alice (Elenviel) Fraser

User: Anne
Race: half-elf
Gender: Female
Class: Ranger
Alice was born in Tanyth Raoc (aka the Pirate Isles) to Duana Fraser and Thollim of Elvenhome. Her parents met when Thollim came to Tanyth Raoc as part of a diplomatic attache where he was guard to Prince Queren of Elvenhome. Duana and Thollim were handfasted, and Alice was born. The two parted amicably, as Duana had her duties as Clan Chief and Thollim had his at Elvenhome.

Alice spent most of her childhood in Tanyth Roac with her clan, but spent part of the year at Heartsbloom with her father in Elvenhome. Once she came of age, and had to assume more clan duties- her trips to Elvenhome because less frequent.