This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • animal companions, familiars, & mountsSpacer
    Leokas' horse Plus
    Szordrin Dundragon's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Kamïl (Kamil)
    Belvin's camel Plus
    the name Belvin has given Hakam's pack camel Plus
    Malick of Darromar's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Oma al Catahras's magical black cat familiar
    Shrodinjer Btn_edit
    Mythlos' magical toad familiar Plus
  • antagonistsSpacer
    Samber (the Maker)
    an enigmatic magician the gods wish the party to stop Plus
  • companionsSpacer
    a bard and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Nargroth Kilmander (Nargroth) (Kilmander)
    a half-orc and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Oma el Catahras (Oma) (Oma yr Raisa el Catahras)
    a teen-aged Calishite woman who was hired by Jayce Minus
    Oma al Catahras is a teen-aged Calishite girl with dark skin and black hair. When studying magic with her mother at home, running errands in the bazaar for her family, or serving drinks at her father's tavern, Oma wears the traditional conservative clothing of a woman of Calimshan — simple trousers with a caftan, an aba, and a keffiyeh to cover her hair. However, when free from the expectations of her home, Oma lets her hair free and wears a loose, provocative gown with a dagger at her belt. She prefers dark colors, often blacks, browns, and violets, and wears much gold jewelry.

    Oma stands at five and a half feet and weighs around 140 lbs. She is often seen with her pet cat, Panther.

    Oma is an exceptionally intelligent girl who has been trained in magic as a summoner by her mother Raisa from a young age.

    Several years ago, her father Atiq became the sole heir of a wizard's tower in Teshburl, so he moved his family from Memnon to that port city, where he converted the tower to an inn and tavern, The Roving Rune. Oma had to leave her childhood friends behind, and she found it hard to adjust to the sea-focused town.

    She took some delight at least in a discovery she made with her mother — the tower had a second, magically hidden basement full of left-over magical items and scrolls from the previous owner. Here she continued developing her natural talents as a conjuress, and soon her powers exceeded those of her mother.

    Unbeknownst to Raisa or Atiq, Oma discovered a third basement below the second, and here she made explorations in magic of her own.

    When Oma came of age, her father actively sought a suitor for her to marry. Oma wanted no part of this, and was been desperately seeking a way to leave Teshburl and become an adventuress, where she no longer had to obey her strict upbringing and could follow more closely to the dogma of her patron goddess Sharess.

    When the adventurers arrived, Oma convinced Jayce to hire her as a party member, and she traveled with the group through the jungles of Chult and to Samber's island. She remained with Jayce and Nargroth on The Daisy until the whole group joined together to adventure in wildspace on their new spelljamming vessel.
    a tiefling ascetic and follower of Pistis Sophia
  • HarpersSpacer
    Filfaeril Obarskyr (Filfaeril) (Dragon Queen)
    the dowager queen of Cormyr Plus
    Onran's wife
  • officialsSpacer
    Davin Blacksilver
    Yunoko's father, the first ambassador to Wa
    Fukazawa Michichika
    the kahan of the roju of the Empire of Wa
    Matasuuri Nagahide (Nagahide)
    the shogun of Wa Plus
  • oraclesSpacer
    a druidic oracle formerly living in the jungles of Chult Plus
  • sailors: FrihetSpacer
    Ombert Stronghull (Ombert) (Captain Stronghull)
    the halfling captain of The Daisy and the Frihet Plus
  • wizardsSpacer
    Szordrin's old master