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  • animal companions, familiars, & mountsSpacer
    Leokas' horse Plus
    Szordrin Dundragon's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Kamïl (Kamil)
    Belvin's camel Plus
    the name Belvin has given Hakam's pack camel Plus
    Malick of Darromar's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Oma al Catahras's magical black cat familiar
    Shrodinjer Btn_edit
    Mythlos' magical toad familiar Plus
  • antagonistsSpacer
    Samber (the Maker)
    an enigmatic magician the gods wish the party to stop Minus
    Samber is a former priest of Gond from the island nation of Lantan who seems to be trying to ascend to godhood.

    Initially, very little is known about Samber, except that his name is Lantanese and the party discovered a journal of his in the abode of the priestess of Akadi known as El Sadhara. El Sadhara had found his journal while visiting the Elemental Plane of Air.

    By a strange coincidence, the Dethek runes found on the Omlar gem the adventurers possess were the same letters used by Samber to inscribe his name on the cover of the journal.

    In the journal, he described some magical experiments and studies he was performing with the djinn, which involved the construction of a golem.

    When Leokas was killed by an ancient dwarven trap below Gargon's keep, the gods sent him back to the living with a special mission: "Someone on the plane of your creation is delving in deep magic, which has come to the attention of the gods. They will that this being must be stopped."

    Meanwhile, both Kamil and Belvin began experiencing dreams and visions of a jungle and a white island. When the party was offered a job escorting a package across the jungles of Chult, Belvin convinced them to take the offer. They later learned that the package was being delivered to Samber himself.

    They pursued the package through a portal with an ancient temple to Ubtao, where Belvin made visual contact with the red-headed wizard but was stopped by his magic. They managed to pursue Samber over the ocean aboard The Daisy to an invisible island covered in snow. There, they meet a strange race of people, the forokell, who claim to have been created by the "Maker".

    Investigating deeper, they discover Samber's subterranean palace, because of a path opened to it during an earthquake. They find a room of portals and another journal of Samber's, in which he describes curiosity at two of his creations (including Ilthian), being stripped of his magic powers by the gods, recovering his powers after a long journey, his voyage to Chult to recover the package, his discovery of the adventurers, and the result of an earthquake that freed an osyluth he had imprisoned.

    That night, Samber encountered the party. He slowed the passing of time, created a rift in the fabric of space, and changed gravity so that they all fell through, landing somewhere on the Great Glacier.

    Through magic, they learned that El Sadhara had teleported onto The Daisy and demanded that they take her to Samber. Jayce managed to contact Samber, and he agreed to meet with the mummy priestess. She teleported Samber away with her but protected Jayce and his companions from her magic.

    After escaping the Great Glacier, the rest of the party found their way to Thutanthar, the City of Shade. There they discovered that Samber had recently visited, seeking information on the Terraseer, kiira, and the Shadow Weave. The latter, he seemed to have acquired.

    Over the next several months, Jayce magically sent messages to the rest of the party from Lantan, where he searched for information on Samber. Finally, he discovered that Samber was from the settlement of Dtakkar and had been formerly married to a woman still living there, who looked extremely similar to Ilthian, except for their skin and hair color.

    When the rest of the party finally made it back to Calimshan, they had to rush to the Spinning Keep of Siri'wadjen to prevent it from being opened by the fire genie Allu. After they soundly defeated Allu, banishing him back to the Plane of Fire, another genie appeared! They soon understood that this djinni was in fact Samber, who had strangely managed to shift bodies. Upon reading Kytharrah's mind to discover that Ilthian was aboard their flying spelljamming vessel, Samber teleported to retrieve her. When Belvin and Kytharrah made it to the ship, they found that Samber had abandoned his genie body and taken over Ilthian's instead. With a final warning, he then vanished.
  • companionsSpacer
    a bard and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Nargroth Kilmander (Nargroth) (Kilmander)
    a half-orc and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Oma el Catahras (Oma) (Oma yr Raisa el Catahras)
    a teen-aged Calishite woman who was hired by Jayce Plus
    a tiefling ascetic and follower of Pistis Sophia
  • HarpersSpacer
    Filfaeril Obarskyr (Filfaeril) (Dragon Queen)
    the dowager queen of Cormyr Plus
    Onran's wife
  • officialsSpacer
    Davin Blacksilver
    Yunoko's father, the first ambassador to Wa
    Fukazawa Michichika
    the kahan of the roju of the Empire of Wa
    Matasuuri Nagahide (Nagahide)
    the shogun of Wa Plus
  • oraclesSpacer
    a druidic oracle formerly living in the jungles of Chult Plus
  • sailors: FrihetSpacer
    Ombert Stronghull (Ombert) (Captain Stronghull)
    the halfling captain of The Daisy and the Frihet Plus
  • wizardsSpacer
    Szordrin's old master