This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • Pirate SpySpacer
    Jilla Jahen
    a halfling who lives with Elhand Gladomain, and fellow spy Plus
  • NewspapersSpacer
    Talashiri Free Press
    the major newspaper in the city of Talashir Plus
  • InnkeeperSpacer
    Karl Killian (Karl)
    the proprietor of the harborside flophouse Plus
  • Priests of ErathisSpacer
    High Priest Ammad
    high priest of Erathis at the low temple Plus
  • The Order of the SunSpacer
    Father Arrhus
    head of the Order of the Sun Plus
  • Army of TalashirSpacer
    Lord Bacchinore (Colonel Bacchinore)
    Farowan's colonel Plus
  • UnaffiliatedSpacer
    the half orc in charge of tunnel brats Minus
    Flex is a half orc who hires runners to do various courier jobs and other non-dangerous work for the shady people of the western docks precinct. He is said to be working for the Golden Palm, as he tends to go where the gold is best, and he may be hiring. The group he runs are known as the "tunnel brats."
  • BrandedSpacer
    Emile Llandros (Emile)
    second in command at the office of the brand in the low precinct Plus
    Sir Sheridan (Sheridan) (Zalman Sheridan)
    a branded knight who has approached the players for help Plus