This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • HistorySpacer
    A legendary dwarven city Plus
    Neverwinter Nine
    The legendary bodyguards of House Alagondar Plus
    A mysterious abberant energy that corrupts and mutates those who contact it Plus
    The Cataclysm
    A supernatural eruption that destroyed Neverwinter nearly thirty years ago Plus
  • Neverwinter DistrictsSpacer
    While relatively undamaged, Blacklake District resists Neverember's efforts to pacify the neighborhood Plus
    Protector's Enclave
    The most stable area of the city, suffering under the harsh rule of Neverember's enforcers Plus
    River District
    Safety in this district proves elusive, especially due to a band of orcs occupying the eastern edge of the city Plus
    The Chasm
    The southeastern quarter of Neverwinter lies in almost complete ruin Plus
  • LocationsSpacer
    Helm's Hold
    Even after the Spellplague wracked the world, Neverwinter remained a bastion of civilization in the North.

    Then Mount Hotenow, deep in Neverwinter Wood, awoke with the power of an angry god. The city could do nothing against such a foe. The earth yawned open and broke apart. Whole districts shuddered and sank. The river exploded into hissing steam and lava as scalding clouds of ash roared through the streets like an advancing army. Thousands died.

    Slowly, life has returned to this ruined landscape. Many hope to rebuild what has been lost, but an equal number see the tragedy as an opportunity to seize all they can.

    Five years ago, Lord Neverember established the Protector's Enclave from his base in the Hall of Justice, and declared it safe for occupation once more. Beyond the Protector's Enclave, as many monsters as natives roam the streets, laying claim to whole quarters of the city. The northeastern portion is ruled by orcs from the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. In the northwest, the neighborhood of Blacklake roils with tension from both secret and overt opposition to Lord Neverember. The southeastern area of the city lies in ruins surrounding the massive Chasm.

    Neverwinter's poorly policed streets and tenuous political situation make it a likely target for all manner of villains. Never have heroes been more needed in the Savage North.
    Neverwinter Wood
    The Crags
  • FactionsSpacer
    Cult of Asmodeus
    Worshippers of Asmodeus Plus
    Netherese (Shadovar)
    Exiled in the shadowfell until recently, a nation dominated by twelve dark princes.
    New Neverwinter
    Neverember's force dedicated to secure and rebuild Neverwinter Plus
    Sons of Alagondar
    An underground band of rebels opposed to Lord Neverember Plus
    A nation of evil necromancers Plus
  • Barbarian TribesSpacer
    Uthgardt Barbarians
    Barbarian tribes of the surrounding areas Plus