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Dusty Jewel
A small trade outpost along the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Owned by Hargo Vole Minus
The jewel isn't much to look at, but when you're out of supplies and looking to avoid the heavy taxation of Balic, it's a shining gem in the desert. Owned by Hargo Vole, it has maintained decent operations despite growing oppression from Balic's interest in expansion.

Just about anything you need can be obtained by Hargo, given enough time and money.
One of top three most powerful merchant houses in Balic
A merchant house of ill repute Plus
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    The city of Sails; a massive city-state that sits on the fork of the Estuary. Plus
    A balican fort on the Dragon's Palate; used to protect skimmers from pirates and giants
    Once a great city-state, overnight it was destroyed, leaving nothing but ruins
    North Ledopolus
    The trade settlement north of the isle of Ledo, hardly a city-state, but quite prosperous. Plus
    A western port along the northern side of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Plus
    Stony Barrens
    Bedrock shelves exposed by windstorms. Plus
    The Gray
    The dead of Athas end up here after they die and are caught in an eddy and gradually fade away to nothing. Plus
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    A vicious, powerful reptillian predator Plus
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    Desert Shields
    Solaris's former mercenary group. Plus