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  • Important ItemsSpacer
    Silver Dagger
    A silver dagger currently in the possesion of Davey Plus
    The Bow
    The Map
  • New MagicsSpacer
    Voodoo type magic Plus
    Japanese Shinto "power of words" magic Plus
    Native American Totem Animal Magic
    Not named yet Plus
    Mesoamerican sacrifice magic Plus
  • PlacesSpacer
    Port Nuedia
  • EquipmentSpacer
    These boots are made for walking... Plus
    Plate Armor
    The Buff Coat
    Leather Armor Plus
  • DuelsSpacer
    Dueling Rules
    How to kill one another, the civilized way. Plus
    The Pointy End Goes In The Other Guy!
    Duels fought by the PCs
  • FactionsSpacer
    Die Kreuzritter
    A secret order of knights that were supposedly destroyed several hundred years ago.
    Knights of the Rose and Cross
    This order of knights is based heavily on the Templars, mixed with the flair of The Three Musketeers.
    Los Vagos
    One man can make a difference. The mysterious Zorro-like figure of the vagabond El Vago and his few assistants protect the boy-king of Castille
    The secret order of the Rilasciare wage an unseen war to contain sorcery in the land of Theah.
    Sophia's Daughters
    This secret order of women seem to know more about the world than anyone else.
    Swordsman's Guild
    If you like poking people with swords, this is who you need to belong to.
    The Invisible College
    While the church used to encourage scientific experimentation, the rise of the Inquisition has put a stop to it. The Invisible College continues this experimentation overground, always trying to stay one step ahead of the Inquisition.
    The Vaticine Church
    The dominant religion in the world, it is based on a form of Gnostic Christianity and features a parallel of the Spanish Inquisition
  • Major NationsSpacer
    This country is much like England. It has a strong 'Arthurian' feel and the land is also populated with strange creatures of the Fey. Plus
    Carleon is the shining capitol of the new Avalon, build by druidic magic by Elaine's trusted friend, Derwyddon.
    This country is much like Spain during the Reconquista and ruled by a boy-king. Plus
    Jewel of the Mysterious Far East, this land represent China in the 1600s Plus
    The mud soaked and war scarred version of Germany during the Thirty Years' War. Plus
    7th Sea's version of pre-revolutionary France. Plus
    The Crescent Empire
    The Lands of Scimitar and Sand Plus
    One of the most often forgotten countries, Ussura is much like feudal Russia. Plus
    The Vendel are much like the Dutch traders of the Renaissance or the Hanseatic League, and they live next door to the old guard of Nordic Vikings. Plus
    This Venetian/Italian group of city republics was the original basis for 7th Sea. Politics and poison are the order of the day here. Minus
    “If asked to describe Vodacce with a single word, I would respond: ‘Treacherous.’”

    Always look over both shoulders. Never meet a woman’s eyes unless you know your blade is better than her husband’s. And never, ever turn your back on a challenge. You won’t get an opportunity to turn around again. Vodacce is a place where every careless word, every second glance, every misstep could be fatal. It is not a safe place for the reckless.

    Lay of the Land
    The nation of Vodacce includes both the southern peninsula of Théah and the chain of small islands curving off from it. With the exception of some low mountainous regions, and the central area where the capital of the Old Empire stands, mainland Vodacce is primarily marshlands. It’s low and near the water, and the land is crisscrossed with small streams and rivers. This means frequent flooding and general instability, making it unsuitable for supporting anything more than small wooden buildings. The only crops that will grow on a large scale are rice in the lowlands, and olives and grapes in
    the hillier areas.

    The mainland is divided into territories controlled by the seven merchant princes. Each Vodacce prince also controls one of the southern islands, rockier areas upon which they have built great stone houses. The islands rise high out of the water, dropping off in steep cliffs in places. A natural series of canal ways run through the islands, and the Vodacce have strategically constructed dams to raise the water levels, allowing for canal travel through the cities.

    The architecture of Vodacce is as hierarchical as its culture. At the bottom, next to the canals, are the laborers. They live in crowded, littered, ramshackle homes built right on the canal ways. Built literally on top of them are the houses of the merchant and crafts classes. On top of these stand the grand manors of the nobility. The tallest towers belong, of course, to that island’s prince. Bridges cross the canal ways, and in the tiers above them rope-andwood causeways let the upper classes go about their business without ever setting foot on the ground.

    Mainland Vodacce was once the seat of the Old Empire’s capital. Its streets bustled with senators, merchants and soldiers all going about their business. Its buildings echoed with their debates,and its libraries overflowed with the collected knowledge of a thriving republic.

    Now, several hundred years after the fall of that empire, the capital city stands empty and silent. The land on which it stands belongs to the princes who have turned their backs on debate in favor of subterfuge, and left the great city in favor of their own miniature kingdoms scattered along the peninsula’s southern islands. Better in Vodacce to be king of your own hill than to share the rule of a mountain with other men. But better still to be king of that mountain.

    Each of the seven princes controls a different aspect of the country’s economy and a different export. One makes the finest wine in Théah, another boasts the best craftsmen. Vincenzo Caligari holds the greatest collection of Syrneth artifacts on the continent, and Gespucci Bernoulli controls the only open trade route to the Crescent Empire.

    The Vodacce princes are all cousins. Traced far enough back, they’re descended from brothers, and they fight as viciously as only family can. They don’t visit one another’s islands except under special sanction. If there is business great enough to require a gathering, they do so on the mainland, in the senate building of the Old Republic.

    The People
    The people of Vodacce are an emotional lot, from the lowest peasant to the highest Prince. Fights are common among the lower classes, and duels among the upper. Still, there is a profound sense of respect for strength, and while a fisherman may brawl the day through with other fishermen, he knows better than to insult his Prince’s son.

    This isn’t simply because the nobleman could cut him down in a heartbeat (which he could), but because the fisherman respects his lord and his lord’s family, and takes great pride in their strength. Should anyone disagree with his assessment, the fisherman will happily explain why he’s wrong… with his fists. Fighting, like much else in Vodacce, is a man’s sport. Although Vodacce men are known for their hot tempers and fast blades, their women are renowned for their cool calculations.

    In Vodacce, alone among Théan nobility, sorcery is possessed only by the noblewomen. Called Fate Witches in other parts of Théah, the Sorte Strega play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with destiny itself. They see and tug the strands of fate, aiding their husbands in their business. Vodacce ships are seldom caught in bad storms, and pirates usually stay clear of them out of fear of running headlong into misfortune.

    Romance is one of a Vodacce man’s greatest pastimes, although his wife maintains a respectable distance from such things. Marriage among nobles is entirely a matter of politics and economics. Couples seldom meet before the wedding day, although once the engagement has been decided, husbands are still required to woo, from a distance, with poetry and fine gifts. Most of a man’s romantic endeavors are directed at professional courtesans.

    These women exist as a separate society from Vodacce’s other women. Where respectable ladies do not read (the Vodacce fear that education would tip the tenuous balance of power between men and witches), courtesans are extremely well-educated both in arts and the sciences. Their dress is as elaborate as the noblewomen’s is simple, as bright as theirs is black.

    Entire quarters of the city are set aside for fetes and revelry, and the noble wives of Vodacce do not tread in these quarters. It is entirely acceptable for men, married and otherwise, to attend these gatherings, however. Still, the courtesans are wary of the potential anger of the strega, and wear elaborate decorative masks to hide them from the witches’ gaze.
  • Ships of NoteSpacer
    Anne Lyde
    Ghost Ship/Destroyed Plus
    Boonie Prince Charles
    Ghost Ship/Unkown Plus
    Emerald Princess
    The Players Former Vessel (Sunk) Plus
    Margertias Folly
    Ghost Ship/Unkown Plus
    Prophet of the Sea
    Pirate Ship/Uknown Plus
    Queen Sophia
    Ghost Ship/ Beached Unknown Location Plus
    The Black Freighter
    The Legdendary Ship of the Dead/Current Status Unknown Plus
    The Falcon (Falcon)
    Captain Edward Turnsdale Ship/ Current Whereabouts Unknown Plus
    The Red Wake
    Pirate Ship/Sunk in Shallow Water Plus
  • WeaponsSpacer
    Breech Loading Firearms
    A breech-loading weapon is a firearm in which the cartridge is inserted into a chamber, integral to the rear portion of a barrel. Plus
    Combo Weapons
    Firearms combined with melee weapons, what more could you ask for? Plus
    Melee Weapons
    Axes, Rapiers and Swords Oh My! Plus
    Multi-shot Firearms
    Using either multiple barrels or a revolving chamber, these weapons can fire multiple shots before needing to be reloaded. Plus
    Muzzle Loading Fire Arms
    A muzzleloader is any firearm into which the projectile and usually the propellant charge is painstakingly loaded from the muzzle of the gun.
  • GM NotesSpacer
    Black Jack Davey
    aka Johnatan Foe Plus
    Tobe Ortonbe
  • Nautical StuffSpacer
    Nautical Matters