This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • Important ItemsSpacer
    Silver Dagger
    A silver dagger currently in the possesion of Davey Plus
    The Bow
    The Map
  • New MagicsSpacer
    Voodoo type magic Plus
    Japanese Shinto "power of words" magic Plus
    Native American Totem Animal Magic
    Not named yet Plus
    Mesoamerican sacrifice magic Plus
  • PlacesSpacer
    Port Nuedia
  • EquipmentSpacer
    These boots are made for walking... Plus
    Plate Armor
    The Buff Coat
    Leather Armor Plus
  • DuelsSpacer
    Dueling Rules
    How to kill one another, the civilized way. Plus
    The Pointy End Goes In The Other Guy!
    Duels fought by the PCs
  • FactionsSpacer
    Die Kreuzritter
    A secret order of knights that were supposedly destroyed several hundred years ago.
    Knights of the Rose and Cross
    This order of knights is based heavily on the Templars, mixed with the flair of The Three Musketeers.
    Los Vagos
    One man can make a difference. The mysterious Zorro-like figure of the vagabond El Vago and his few assistants protect the boy-king of Castille
    The secret order of the Rilasciare wage an unseen war to contain sorcery in the land of Theah.
    Sophia's Daughters
    This secret order of women seem to know more about the world than anyone else.
    Swordsman's Guild
    If you like poking people with swords, this is who you need to belong to.
    The Invisible College
    While the church used to encourage scientific experimentation, the rise of the Inquisition has put a stop to it. The Invisible College continues this experimentation overground, always trying to stay one step ahead of the Inquisition.
    The Vaticine Church
    The dominant religion in the world, it is based on a form of Gnostic Christianity and features a parallel of the Spanish Inquisition
  • Major NationsSpacer
    This country is much like England. It has a strong 'Arthurian' feel and the land is also populated with strange creatures of the Fey. Plus
    Carleon is the shining capitol of the new Avalon, build by druidic magic by Elaine's trusted friend, Derwyddon.
    This country is much like Spain during the Reconquista and ruled by a boy-king. Plus
    Jewel of the Mysterious Far East, this land represent China in the 1600s Plus
    The mud soaked and war scarred version of Germany during the Thirty Years' War. Minus
    The people of Eisen have always been proud. They are proud of the fact that they have no magic except that which they make with their own sweat and blood. They are proud that their ancestors carved the Vaticine Church’s empire for the Hierophant, and that their Empire lasted for hundreds of years. They are proud that their past is a series of one valorous deed after another. With the state their country is in today, they might be
    forgiven for trying to live in the past.

    Lay of the Land
    Located in central Théah, Eisen has long been of critical importance in Théan wars and politics. Troops often needed permission to move through her borders, and trade agreements often hinged on allowing ships to pass along the river to their south. After the War of the Cross, however, Eisen was devastated. Fields were reduced to mud, garrisons could no longer be paid, and merchant ships could thumb their noses at any Eisen attempt to collect tolls. Eisen’s sun has risen and set once more. Now Eisen is a lonely land of mud and snow, and travelers are well advised to hire an armed guard.

    Eisen has collapsed into seven königreiches, or “kingdoms.” Each is ruled by an Eisenfürst, or “Iron Prince.” They each control a supply of dracheneisen, a metal that is stronger than steel and twice as light. This metal is traditionally used to create superior armor and weaponry for the Eisen nobility; because of this edge in a fight, they maintain their hold on Eisen.

    Each Iron Prince rules his kingdom differently. Some, like Fauner Pösen, maintain strict control of all trade and troops. Others, like Reinhard von Wische, allow their subordinates to run the kingdom. The most extreme example of this handsoff attitude is Nicklaus Trägue, who collects no taxes or tariffs, and only occasionally becomes involved in politics.

    The People
    Although Eisen lies in ruin, her people are far from beaten. While some have succumbed to the horrors of war, those that remain are stronger for the cruelties they have endured. The Eisen have more collective combat experience than any other nation. The armies of most of Théah’s nations rely on an Eisen advisor for tactics and strategy.

    Since they have nothing else left to sell, the Eisen have begun to sell war. Their military academies are the best in Théah, and simply being born an Eisen is often a good enough reason to lead an army. Eisen mercenaries often find work as soldiers, bodyguards, or marines defending ships against pirates. Many loyal sons have left their homeland to fight abroad, sending their wages home to their families.

    One thing that echoes throughout the national character of Eisen is stubbornness. The Eisen never give up. They may lie low for a while while they lick their wounds, but they
    always return in the end, ready to fight once again.
    7th Sea's version of pre-revolutionary France. Plus
    The Crescent Empire
    The Lands of Scimitar and Sand Plus
    One of the most often forgotten countries, Ussura is much like feudal Russia. Plus
    The Vendel are much like the Dutch traders of the Renaissance or the Hanseatic League, and they live next door to the old guard of Nordic Vikings. Plus
    This Venetian/Italian group of city republics was the original basis for 7th Sea. Politics and poison are the order of the day here. Plus
  • Ships of NoteSpacer
    Anne Lyde
    Ghost Ship/Destroyed Plus
    Boonie Prince Charles
    Ghost Ship/Unkown Plus
    Emerald Princess
    The Players Former Vessel (Sunk) Plus
    Margertias Folly
    Ghost Ship/Unkown Plus
    Prophet of the Sea
    Pirate Ship/Uknown Plus
    Queen Sophia
    Ghost Ship/ Beached Unknown Location Plus
    The Black Freighter
    The Legdendary Ship of the Dead/Current Status Unknown Plus
    The Falcon (Falcon)
    Captain Edward Turnsdale Ship/ Current Whereabouts Unknown Plus
    The Red Wake
    Pirate Ship/Sunk in Shallow Water Plus
  • WeaponsSpacer
    Breech Loading Firearms
    A breech-loading weapon is a firearm in which the cartridge is inserted into a chamber, integral to the rear portion of a barrel. Plus
    Combo Weapons
    Firearms combined with melee weapons, what more could you ask for? Plus
    Melee Weapons
    Axes, Rapiers and Swords Oh My! Plus
    Multi-shot Firearms
    Using either multiple barrels or a revolving chamber, these weapons can fire multiple shots before needing to be reloaded. Plus
    Muzzle Loading Fire Arms
    A muzzleloader is any firearm into which the projectile and usually the propellant charge is painstakingly loaded from the muzzle of the gun.
  • GM NotesSpacer
    Black Jack Davey
    aka Johnatan Foe Plus
    Tobe Ortonbe
  • Nautical StuffSpacer
    Nautical Matters