This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • GeographySpacer
    Rubran Sea
    A sea in the middle of the Eruonian Empire, and an important resource for intra-empire trade
  • Kingdoms, Empires, and ProvincesSpacer
    A province of Eruonia with large areas of swampland along the southeastern edge of the Rubran Sea
    Eruonian Empire (the Empire) (Eruonia)
    The Empire founded by the Heroes after the downfall of the Gods
    A province on the southeastern edge of the Eruonian Empire
  • DeitiesSpacer
    A nature goddess worshipped by the gnomes
    An eladrin god
    The chief god of the Humans Plus
    A god worshipped by the eladrin
    A god once worshipped by the Eladrin, and the twin brother of Tessir
  • FeywildSpacer
    An Eladrin city on the edge of the Feywild in the eastern mountains.
  • AlajärviSpacer
    Korrkeon (The Korrkeon)
    A research college for wizards
    The Arcane Nook
    A magic shop with ritual books, spell ingredients, and healing potions Plus
  • SolumSpacer
    Blackrock Tower
    An ancient wizard's tower rising from the forests south of Trikala Plus
    A small trade city along the Empire's eastern frontier Plus
    A large city on the northern edge of the Solum province.
  • HothlowSpacer
    Elven Longbow Inn (Elven Longbow)
    An inn on Hothlow's trade street, catering to Elven and Eladrin merchants