This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • PeopleSpacer
    Shah Kherac Tala III (Shah)
    the ruler of the Talashiri Empire Plus
  • FactionsSpacer
    Branded (branded)
    a Ministry authorized adventurer Plus
    Golden Palm (golden palm)
    the criminal organization that runs the low precinct Plus
    The Order of the Sun (Order of the Sun)
    the order of paladins to which Khorolash belongs Plus
  • PoliticalSpacer
    Etruscan Empire
    the empire on whose remains the Talashiri Empire is built Plus
    a kingdom on another continent Plus
    Ministry of the Brand (ministry of the brand)
    the government ministry that authorizes adventurers Plus
    Talashiri Empire
    the most grand empire on Arsenne since the Etruscans Plus
  • PlacesSpacer
    the continent where the Talashiri Empire is Plus
    Baersweed Island
    island off of the tip of Old City Isle Plus
    the capital of the Etruscan Empire Plus
    low precinct
    the poor part of Talashir Plus
    low precinct proper
    the largest part of the low precinct Plus
    the northern tip of Old City Isle Plus
    the southern tip of Old City Isle Plus
    the seat of power and largest city of the Talashiri Empire Minus
    Talshir is a large city located where the Gloom River meets the Sea of Long Regret, at the eastern end of what is known as the Bone Coast. The majority of the city is built on a series of islands that form the Gloom River delta. The only parts of the city that are not part of the delta are the farmland west and east of the city, Castle Tala, and the precinct of the city known as Highever.

    The different islands of the delta are Baersweed Island, Old City Isle where the low precinct proper and the western harbor precinct are located, Watch Island where the city watch of Talashir and the border watch of the Talashiri Empire are located, the Sacred Isle where the temple precinct and merchant precinct are located, Sea Wind Isle where the shore precinct is located, and Wizard Tower Island where the university precinct is located.

    Because it is located on a river delta, Talashir is also known as the City of Bridges. There are no less than eight stone bridges and one wooden bridge in the city.
    western harbor precinct
    the part of the low precinct by the harbor Plus
  • LandmarksSpacer
    Gloom River
    the river by Talashir Plus
    harbor lights
    two statues marking the mouth of the harbor Plus
    harborside flophouse (Harborside Flophouse)
    a scummy inn on the southeast corner of the western harbor Plus
    low markets
    the markets of the low precinct Plus
    low temple
    a smaller temple of Erathis in the heart of the low precinct Plus
    Scabbard Mountains
    dwarf dominated mountain range south and southwest of Talashir Plus
    Sea of Long Regret
    the sea by Talashir Plus