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  • LoreSpacer
    Age of Enthronement
    The period of history beginning with Aroden's rise to godhood, and ending with his death Plus
    Crooked Kin
    Band of Varisian performers that travel in a colorful wagon Plus
    Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye
    Secret society and topic du-jour of conspiracy theorists Plus
    Gypsy mafia of Varisian descent. Plus
    Shining Crusade
    Organization headquartered in Lastwall dedicated to defending Ustalav Plus
    Infamous wood in the middle of Lozeri known for werewolves and other deadly beasts and monsters
    Thassilon (Thassilonian)
    Ancient Empire Plus
    A country of rural communities, independent city-states, cyclopean ruins, and uncharted wilderness Plus
    Whispering Way
    Organization of necromancers. Plus
  • DeitiesSpacer
    Cayden Cailean
    Chaotic good deity, also known as the "Lucky Drunk," "Drunken Hero," or the "Accidental God."
    Goddess of travel and change
    God of storm and sky and goddess of the wave and surf. Plus
    Goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor Plus
    Demon lord of lycanthropy
    The Lady of Graves, goddess of fate, death, prophecy and rebirth Plus
    The Dawnflower - Teaches temperance and patience in all things. Plus
  • ThrushmoorSpacer
    Curated Historical Society
  • TamrivenaSpacer
    Wall now mostly in ruins constructed to hamper Orcish invaders from the Hold of Belkzen Plus
    Guard the city of Tamrivena. Plus
    Orc-hating paranoid fortress city Plus
    Sworn defenders of the Bleakwall, lead by a deeply racist guard-captain. Plus
  • IllmarshSpacer
    Professor Horace's Schooner Plus
    Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea
    Main church in Illmarsh Plus
    Wall-Eyed Kraken
    Tavern in Illmarsh that caters to locals Plus
    Watcher in the Bay
    Local legendary monster with hair and tentacles redolent of Shub-Niggoroth
  • RavengroSpacer
    Stucture in Ravengro's town square Plus
    Harrowstone Monument
    Monument to those who died in the fire at Harrowstone Prison Plus
    Harrowstone Prison
    Haunted prison that burned down 50 years ago Minus
    Harrowstone prison was founded 100 years ago along with the town of Ravengro. It was created to raise money for the county by holding dangerous folk from all over Ustalav that towns didn't want in their own territories. The warden and his wife lived on the prison grounds in a small shack.

    Shortly before the prison burned down, five notorious prisoners had been shipped there and were awaiting their execution. They were known as Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illmarsh, and the Splatter Man.

    In 4661, the prison was destroyed in a fire that killed all of the prisoners, most of the guards and the prison warden, Lyvar Hawkran, and his wife Vesorianna. The commonly held belief is that the prisoners were rioting in the basement and the fire started there and got out of control once it reached the ground floor. It destroyed most of the underground eastern wing but left the structure above standing. An account of the day of the fire shows that Vesorianna went into the prison when it was burning. A session with the spirit board asking why she did so came back with the replay "H-U-S-B-A-N-D."

    It turns out that the fire did not start because of the prison riot. The prisoners had successfully gained control of the prison basement several hours before the fire started. The Warden, not wanting them to escape, triggered a deadfall to keep the prisoners down there. He and several guards were also trapped in the basement. The prisoners were attempting to find a way to get out of the basement when panicked guards above attempting to stop them accidentally started the fire.

    Today, the people of Ravengro think the prison is haunted and don't like to talk about it. They say it holds 25 ghosts (23 guards, the warden, and his wife).

    When the party went to the prison, they found it dilapidated as expected. A significant pool of water had collected on the eastern edge in the intervening years. The grass and trees on the prison yard looked sickly. The balcony over the main door of the prison was rotted out. Several holes were noticeable in the roof. The prison had balconies at either end of it.

    Inside the warden's house, they found a portrait of the warden standing next to his wife before the tree in front of the prison.

    Outside the prison the party detected a residual magic aura on the stones at the base of the building where the ground meets the prison. Upon investigation, they found runic writing carved into the stones. The writing was Varisian and consisted of the name "Lyvar Hawkran" dozens of times over and over. They surmised it was part of a ritual involving necromantic magic.

    The ritual was conducted by the Whispering Way and was done to remove Hawkran's spirit from the prison because they were interested in performing experiments on it. Petros Lorrimor discovered what the Whispering Way was up to and attempted to stop him. He was killed for his efforts.

    While the prison may not have been haunted before, it certainly was following the Whispering Way's ritual. The prison warden's spirit had been keeping the more nefarious spirits in check and with his removal, they took over the place. The party encountered a headsman's scythe guarding the top entrance and the ghost of the Piper of Illmarsh on the top floor among other hauntings. The spirit of the warden's wife, Vesorianna, did her best to control the evil spirits but was not quite strong enough to keep them totally in check and they were gradually overcoming her. The Splatter Man had been attempting to banish her spirit from the plane. She thought that with the badge of office from her husband's body, she would be able to keep the evil spirits permanently in check.

    Inside, the party discovered records of the prisoners kept there and their possessions. Each of the possessions belonging to one of the five infamous criminals seemed to have some sort of magical property, but also to be cursed. Defeating the spirit of the possession broke the curse and also allowed Vesorianna to keep the spirit permanently from the material plane.

    The haunted prison seemed to be able to exert its influence over the town of Ravengro as well, growing stronger as the days went by. Many people reported seeing spectral cart tracks moving toward the prison while in town, as well as events like the exploding playing card or the zombie uprising.

    Upon defeating all the major criminals' spirits and returning Hawkran's badge of office to his wife, all spirits in the prison vanished and the pallor over the prison seemed to disappear. It no longer appears to be haunted.
    Laughing Demon
    Main inn of Ravengro owned by Zokar. Plus
    Lyvar Hawkran (warden)
    Warden of Harrowstone prison when it burned down Plus
    Ravengro's graveyard Plus
    Skipping Song
    Creepy song sung by the children of Ravengro Plus
    Wealday Parchment
    Weekly newsletter written by Muricar Plus
  • ShudderwoodSpacer
    Ascanor Lodge
    Well-protected lodge in the midst of the Shudderwood Plus
    Settlement on the eastern edge of Shudderwood Plus
    Stairs of the Moon
    Ancient ruin in Shudderwood forest Plus
    Werewolf Tribes
    Group of five werewolf tribes living in Shudderwood Plus
  • LepidstadtSpacer
    Island where the people of Morast buried their dead Plus
    Lepidstadt's courthouse where trials are held, prisoners are kept, and barristers are officed Plus
    Abandoned hamlet near Lepidstadt where six children were killed 7 months ago Plus
    Karb Isle Sanctuary
    Sanctuary and Asylum located just outside Lepidstadt Plus
    Swampy fishing village where the Beast allegedly disinterred the burial grounds and killed the villagers 12 months ago Plus
    Punishing Man
    Manner of punishing criminals similar to a wicker man Plus
    Seasage Effigy
    Relic shaped like Cthulhu's head believed to have some relevance to the Far Realms Plus
    Spiral Cromlech
    Kellid stone circle which attracted academics to the university. Plus
    University of Lepidstadt
    Institution of higher learning in Lepistadt Plus
    Ventriloquist's Pulpit
    Town hall of Lepidstadt and one of its oldest buildings Plus
    Vorkstag and Grine's Chymic Works
    Mysterious factory Plus