In the war torn lands of Khorvaire lies the proud city of Sharn. Within the cities spanning towers, heroes are born and nefarious plans are revealed. A young group of intrepid adventures will discover wondrous magic and ancient treasures as they explore the City of Towers; and uncover secrets that were long lost to time and war. And so, our story begins...

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Rude Awakenings, the Investigation grows:
The game begins with Shravan and Brianna sleeping in bed at their room in the Dancing Fox Tavern. Brianna had spent the night preforming with very poor returns; and Shravan had a somewhat frustrating evening investigating the Docks. Skye was down in the main hall “observing” some of the tavern patrons; while Steals a Shirt had retired to his own quarters. Sandrik had returned to the temple of Dol Arrah within the Sovereign Towers district.

Suddenly, the door to Shravan’s room splintered with a loud crash; and a hulking Warforged stepped into the room, quickly moving over to the bed. Brianna leapt from the bed, drawing a short sword while Shravan attempted to tumble away from the creature. With lighting speed, the Warforged grabbed Shravan in a bear hug; and began squeezing the life from him. The assault did not go unnoticed. Steals a Shirt heard the commotion from down the hall, and began creeping forward to see what was happening. Skye also heard the noise from downstairs, and began running towards the room. Soon the room was filled with combatants; and the party is able to defeat the Warforged. The creature slumped to the ground, and a misty white apparition emerges from its chest and quickly flies out of the room.
The characters are left pondering what had just transpired, when Tailan the Innkeeper arrives at the room. He surveys the door and tells the group that the local militia is on the way; and that someone will have to pay to replace the door. Shravan flips the Innkeeper a platinum for damages incurred, and the halfling leaves without another word.

Steals a Shirt seems unfazed by the current events and begins to attempt to dismantle the fallen Warforged with his comrades standing around him. Shravan grumbles and winces and after getting no healing; crawls back into bed. Brianna returns the sword to its hiding place and joins Shravan in the bed. Skye looks rather thoughtfully at the Warforged at the ground, and then assumes a guard position at the broken door. Steals a Shirt finishes his autopsy of the fallen Warforged; and returns to his room to review his notes. Tailan the innkeeper has a discussion with the local militia, and the remainder of the evening passes uneventfully.

When dawn breaks, Shravan is awoken to see Skye picking up the Warforged in a makeshift burial shroud, and taking him from the tavern. Brianna grumbles and rolls over, putting the pillow over her head. Shravan gets dressed and goes downstairs to eat. After Skye returns from disposing the body of the Warforged, the entire group assembles and begins to discuss their findings from the night before.
After some discussion, the group decides to return to the warehouse, where it is revealed that the Deneith Guards have replaced the watch at dawn. Sandrik speaks with Garthor who appears to be the leader of the Deneith guards, and begins discussing various methods in securing the area; which include changing the locks; and adding additional guards as sentries.

The group decides to take a closer look at the trap door that was discovered the night before, and after searching the second floor, discovers a block and tackle that was neatly tucked away; but was most certainly used for the trap door in the floor below. After becoming satisfied with the new preparations that were made at the warehouse; the party decides to canvas the area and speak with the locals, in hopes of learning more about the disturbances at the warehouse.

The party spends the afternoon speaking with the locals, but not getting any meaningful information except that there has been a lot of disappearances on the docks; and everyone seems very nervous to be outside after dark. After some discussion, Sandrik mentions that she wants to speak with a local who knows the docks very well; and is led to Corbin “Old Salt”. Corbin has lived most of his later years on the docks of Sharn, and knows much about the area. Shravan tells the party that he has dealt with “Old Salt” before; and it would be best to approach him with a flask of fine dwarven ale if they seek any meaningful answers.

The group approaches, and after a few pulls on the flask the weathered human with the gray beard begins to speak. He tells the party that over the last two Rides; he has seen and heard some strange things on the docks. He tells the groups that there is an eerie feeling and two nights ago a body of the young man was found; dead, and drained from all his blood. There was not a mark on him, and his throat was not cut. Corbin continues to say there have been others that have been found with not a drop of blood in their bodies. About a dozen people are missing, most of them with no means and no money; the majority of them being people who live on the docks. The local militia refuses to see this as a problem, as most of the people that go missing usually have no one asking about their whereabouts. There have been others strange occurrences people vanishing into thin air; and piercing shrieks in the night, and a strange fog that seems to appear from nowhere.

Corbin continues, telling the group that most of the people that have disappeared had come from the Firelight District; a notable area in Sharn that is a host to gambling, drugs and prostitution. A few more have disappeared from a notable Casino called “The Lucky Nines” a well-established casino will a full staff of spell casters. The second place that Corbin mentioned is “Savia’s”; an upscale bordello located in the Lower Menthis Plateau. The final place that Corbin mentioned is something called “The Burning Ring” an underground (and illegal) arena where combatants fight and people wage on the victor.

The party thanks the old man, and then after some discussion, decides to return to return to House Ghallanda so that the group can report their findings. Once they arrive at House Ghallanda, it is discovered that Grayhorn is not available; and so Sandrik gives a full report to Sashara Ghallanda so that she can pass along the news.

The group decides to follow up on the leads that Corbin was able to provide, and starts by attempting to locate the Burning Ring; an illegal arena combat that people bet on. The Burning ring was a makeshift arena where creatures would fight; usually bare fisted. Since this was an illegal activity, the Burning Ring’s location moved constantly; and everything was communicated thru a network of thieves, thugs, and people of the underworld. There were two notable fighters from the Burning Ring that had been missing. They are well known amongst the Underworld, but they have not been seen in several days. Shravan and Steals a Shirt used their knowledge of Sharn, and the group began to canvas the area starting with the Cogsgate District, and Dragoneyes District, before ending up in the Firelight District.

While they were searching Sky spent his time asking extensive questions regarding Magic, how it works, its properties, and what it can do. Steals a Shirt was able to locate a small primer on Magic within a bookstore; and gave it to the inquisitive Warforged. Sky was delighted at the unexpected gift, and spent the remainder of the afternoon pouring over the pages.

After some time had passed, Steals a Shirt had run into an old accomplice named “Shank”. When the Goblin mentioned that he was looking for some fighting to bet on; Shank said he would be able to lead them to the location of the illegal arena. Shank said that it Burning Ring would not begin until nightfall; and that he would return in a few hours’ time to meet and lead them there.

The group had some time to kill before meeting with Shank again, and decided to head to “Lucky Nine’s” to gather information. Corbin had said that there were two or three people that had been reported missing from the establishment. The Lucky Nine’s employs a full staff of Magic Users, and an impressive amount of magic in the operation of their business. Once the party arrived at the establishment, the owner, Fasha Yask, became very uncomfortable about them entering and asking questions. The group decided that the security was too tight; and they would return if they had to.

Next the group went to Savia’s, which was the final place that Corbin had mentioned. According to the weathered dockhand, there were three or four young ladies that ended up missing from this upscale bordello. Sandrik decided to enter with Shravan, while Sky, Sivvi, and Steals a Shirt remained outside to search around the building.

Sandrik spoke to Cassandra who seemed to be the Madam of the establishment and they spoke at length concerning the young girl who when missing just days ago. Cassandra also spoke at length concerning some young men that Cassandra was entertaining; who spoke to her at great length on their religious ideals. Sandrik pressed her for more information, and Cassandra said that she was not really paying attention to them, but they were speaking at great length about “the body holds great power, and is the key to ultimate wisdom and understanding” and the “key to power and living forever lies within the body”.

Meanwhile, Sivvi and Steals a Shirt were searching around the building; and managed to find a secret entrance to Savia’s; but little else of interest or value. While this was happening, Sky was spending much of his time asking people about the missing people; and then “tipping” people when they responded. These continued interactions began to annoy Steals a Shirt. So much so, that he requested that Sky sit down and spend some time reading his Magic Book. The Goblin then went around to all the people Sky spoke to and attempted to “reacquire” some of the misappropriated coins.

The party regrouped, and Steals a Shirt had suggested they return to the Cogs to see what information could be gathered there. They would have to make great haste, for it was late in the afternoon. The party set off at once, and traveling quickly, they made it to the Warrens in record time. Upon their arrival, it was revealed that large groups of Goblins are missing. A few days ago a goblin with white hair had entered the Warrens looking for goblins that could dig; and had some strong backs. The goblin returned three times, and each time more goblins left with him; swayed with the promise of gold for their efforts. Days have passed, and no one has seen or heard of the missing goblins; the goblins of the Warrens have grown concerned. Steals a Shirt listened intently, his brow furrowing at the latest developments. When the group was unable to find any more information, they returned to the surface in time to meet with Shank.

Shank led them thru a maze of passageways and alleyways, before arriving at a nondescript building. They had taken a confusing route, and was unsure where they were; but deduced that they were somewhere in the Wroann’s Gate District. The group was led into the basement of the large building.

Inside the basement the Burning Ring was underway. Boxes, Barrels and various containers had been cleared away, and there was a large circle of dirt about thirty feet across in the center of the room. Large candelabra’s of glowing coals had been placed around the circle; throwing shadows across the large room. There were two humans, bare chested, and fighting in the center; with a large crowd of spectators cheering them on. On the south wall was a large piece of slate, where a hobgoblin was writing down names of fighters, giving odds, and accepting bets from everyone.

The group decides quickly that they would benefit if “someone” would step into the ring and be a contender. Sky looked thoughtful, and then volunteered to be a contestant. The Warforged was added to the roster; and the group quickly placed bets on their comrade. The fighting began, and Steals a Shirt moved his way thru the crowd, observing, and lifting purses when he could. At the same time, Shravan was also observing the crowd to see if there was anything unusual that he could see. Sandrik remained close to the ring, watching Sky closely and the other participants.

Sky’s first combatant was a large Orc named “Rhagunk”; in which the Warforged was able to dispatch with ease. There is a mix of surprise and dismay from the crowd; and the betting on Sky picks up considerably. The second fighter was a large Hobgoblin that was strong as he was ugly. The fight lasted a little longer, but Sky was able to defeat this foe as well, accompanied by the shouts and howls of the audience.

While the second fight was taking place, Shravan noticed two humans in the back of the room that had taken interest in Sky’s fighting prowess. Shravan was able to read their lips and discover that they found him “suitable for the job”. Shravan approached, and introduced himself as Sky’s handler. The first human introduced himself as Seth; and the second was named Tarmac.

Seth and Tarmac said they were interested in Sky because they were in need of a bodyguard for a Religious Festival that would take place the tomorrow night. There would be twenty to thirty guests, but they wanted to make sure that no one else would attempt to attend. In addition, the festival would take place in a remote location within Sharn. They would only need the services of the Warforged for one night and would pay one hundred platinum coins for the night. Shravan asks about the type of religious festival, to which, Seth goes on at great length about seeking immortality thru the body and the blood. Shravan feigns interest, to which Seth arranges a meeting with one of the Elders of the Order to see if he would be a suitable initiate. Seth instructs Shravan to come to Savia’s early with Sky to meet with the Elder; and learn more about the Religious Order.

While Shravan was discussing matters with Seth, Sky had bested a Bugbear, followed by a large half-ogre. Desperate to attempt to reclaim some winnings, the Hobgoblin Ringleader convinced Brast the Troll to come out of “retirement” to combat with the Warforged. Once they were in the Ring, an epic battle ensued; the combatants trading punishing blows, before collapsing to the ground. For several moments no one moved or spoke. Then, wearily, Sky rose from the ground and was pronounced the victor of the Burning Ring; and a tumultuous howl erupted.

The crowd began to disperse, and the party came forward to collect their winnings from a very dismayed looking Ringleader. Once they had their gains, the group left the establishment; with Sky having almost instant notoriety as “The Master of the Ring”.

Upon arriving at the Dancing Fox, the party discusses the events and Shravan shares the information he has. The group decides that Seth and Tarmac could be member of a cult called “The Blood of Vol”; and might be connected to the missing people. However, the group was not sure how these people or events were connected to the items missing at the warehouse. The party decided that Shravan and Sky should keep their appointment with Seth, and attend the Religious Festival; and the remainder of the group would quietly trail them.

The group then disperses Sandrik returns to the Temple of Dol Arrah and Shravan spends some time talking to Brianna before going to bed. Sky spends some time reading his magical book in the Tavern area; before returning to his room for the night.

However, Steals a shirt decided to creep back to the Dock District; nimbly moving from rooftop to rooftop, and peering down at the people below him. After locating a secure perch to with a good vantage point, Steals a Shirt settled in for the night and watched to people below. The evening passes uneventful, and in the morning the Goblin awakes with a start on the rooftop. He wearily rises to his feet and returns to the Dancing Fox. Game Ended for the Night.

This took place on the 17th day of Eyre, 998 YK
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A small favor to ask; and trouble in the Warehouse District:
It has been a full Ride since the party had emerged from the Cogs. House Cannith has come forward and reported that Deirdre has returned to the House; and is recovering within the protective walls of the Tower. Brianna and Shravan spend much of their time plying their trade; and when Sky is not at the Temple, he spends much of his time with the two of them. Sivvi spends the week within House d’Ghallanda and makes a few short excursions into the wilds with his loyal mount.

Steals a Shirt spends the week in a deep state of melancholy. All of his crew has been slain, and he has lost Kellen d'Cannith's important notes and the only copy he had made. The goblin spends the week in a drunken state, with little hope and few ambitions remaining. He spends most of his time sleeping in Sky’s room at the Dancing Fox. Sky does not seem to mind, but is somewhat puzzled by his friends behavior.

Sky and Steals a Shirt are sitting at the Bar at The Dancing Fox. Sky is asking why Steals a Shirt is drinking and the goblin gave his best attempt on explaining why people drink. Brianna was preforming next to the stone hearth, while Shravan was amongst the patrons; ensuring that no one was carrying too many coins in their purses.

As the evening progresses, Nadalya enters the Tavern and walks to the bar. She is met by Brianna, Sky, and Shravan. Steals a Shirt gives her a groggy stare for a moment and resumes drinking. Nadalya tells the group that she has been called upon by Awari to return to Blaine; that her work there is not completed. She will be making a pilgrimage with others from her temple. She is leaving in the morning, and does not know when she will be returning to Sharn. With that she parts and returns to her temple.

Once per year when the season shifts from late spring to early summer; the constellation Chronepsis shines bright in the night sky. The wise sages say that those who are able to see a shooting star that streaks from Bahamut mouth to Chronepsis talons will embark upon an odyssey of the ages and will be blessed with good fortune.

Sandrik looked up into the night sky to see a brief flash of a shooting star across the night sky. Rather than to pause and reflect upon it, the young paladin’s pace quickened. Sandrik had been summoned by Alacius; and judging by the note, it seemed rather important. Sandrik quickly moved along the narrow path to the Library of Morgrave University. Sandrik had spent most days within the sequestered walls of the university; and had become quite familiar to with the library. The large oaken doors of the library opened silently, and the familiar smell of aging paper and burning wax wafted over Sandrik. Moving quietly along the towering shelves of manuscripts, books, parchments and scroll cases; Sandrik came to a stop in front of a wizened man with a long white beard.

Alacius looked up from the weathered tome he was reading and immediately smiled at Sandrik’s sudden appearance. “Always prompt.” He murmured while gently placing the tome on his writing desk. “Your Father has taught you well.”

“You called for me, Sir?” Sandrik said eager to change the topic.

“Ah, yes child...” He said and began fumbling for his glasses. “It
appears that your father has a small favor to ask of you.” After several moments, Alacius’s hands discovered his glasses perched upon his forehead and he smiled as he placed them upon his nose.

“Go and see Grayhorn d’Ghallanda, he has a need for your talents. It appears that he has something of a mystery on his hands, and could use a little help determining what’s happening. You father seems to owe him a small favor, and it seems like a very minor problem”

“What sort of problem, if I can ask?”

“Oh, something about missing guards in the warehouse district. Assumedly they drunk themselves into a stupor at some tavern; and forgot to show up for work. Now then, go to House Ghallanda and ask for Grayhorn; if anyone questions you, just give them this letter. ”

Sandrik left immediately for House Ghallanda somewhat puzzled by the request. Before long, Sandrik was standing before the mighty entrance to House Ghallanda. It was the early in the evening, and the tavern was filled with patrons and revelers. Sandrik navigated thru the busy tavern asking for Grayhorn. A young Halfling woman approaches, and introduces herself as Sashanna Ghallanda. Sashanna runs the tavern when Grayhorn is not present, and immediately seats Sandrik and calls for Grayhorn.

Before long, Grayhorn seats himself with Sandrik and they share a little food and drink, while he explains the problems he has. Grayhorn explains that he owns a warehouse within the warehouse district, where he keeps a large inventory to resupply his various establishments across Sharn. Within the last week, it has been brought to his attention that items are missing; mostly sundries such as backpacks, ropes, and some excavation equipment. He had placed his son Selnir Ghallanda in charge of the warehouse in hopes of solving the problem; but after a week or two, items ended up missing again. Grayhorn hopes that perhaps Sandrik could venture down to the warehouse and ask some questions and perhaps look for some clues to what might be happening. Grayhorn recommends that she seek out a young Halfling named Sivvi. He is an expert tracker, and he would be able to provide some assistance. Grayhorn then calls for Sivvi, and then makes his departure. Before too long Sivvi arrives at Sandrik’s table and they have a discussion about the warehouse.

Sandrik and Sivvi left immediately for the warehouse. They began their investigation and determined that the guards seemed very lax in their duties. Sandrik then spoke with the warehouse foreman who was named Tannin. Tannin said that he was placed in charge only for the last ride, and that Selnir had been in charge until recently. Sandrik had looked over the inventory ledger and noticed that the pages were far from complete; and far from accurate. Sandrik discovered that all the doors remain locked except for loading and unloading; and that he is the only one with the keys. Sandrik and Sivvi then walked the inside of the warehouse to discover that all the guard dogs were sleeping; and appeared to be drugged. Finally, there was one guard named Stefan that was missing, and while they were searching the warehouse; another guard named Marcus disappeared. While searching for Marcus Sandrik found an area close to the docks that had a magical affect. Sandrik was able to determine that it was some sort of transmutation magic; and after a discussing with Sivvi they decided they needed someone who was knowledgeable in the magical arts. Sivvi said that he knew of someone, and they set off immediately to find Shravan.

Sivvi went searching for Shravan, while Sandrik returned to Grayhorn to deliver the findings. Grayhorn seemed very troubled by what Sandrik had to say; and vowed that he would change the entire guard immediately. In addition, Grayhorn said that he would speak with Selnir personally regarding the warehouse. Grayhorn asked that Sandrik continue with the investigation and make another report when possible.

Meanwhile at the Dancing Fox, things remained fairly uneventful. Steals a Shirt had drunk himself into a stupor; and stumbled up to Sky’s room to sleep. Sky continued to observe the room, while Shravan and Brianna continued to work. The evening had not brought very good earnings, leaving Shravan fairly disappointed. It was late in the evening and most of the patrons had left. Steals a Shirt was woken suddenly to discover that he was surrounded by dark cloaked figures.

“Deirdre sends her regards Goblin!” one of the masked intruders hisses as the surprised goblin was quickly bound and gagged. The trio quickly scooped up the goblin and begins to drag him towards the entrance of the Dancing Fox. As the attackers entered the main hall, they are surprised that there are still people within the bar; and begin walking quickly towards the door. Shravan, Brianna, and Sky quickly recognize the goblin feet sticking out of the sack; and leap into action. The three thugs panic, and drop the helpless goblin to the floor and begin to flee. The first one makes an amazing display of acrobatics, and leaps across the room and out an open window into the darkness. The second one encounters the swift blade from Sivvi and crumples to the floor in a heap. The third one begins running at full speed to the exit. Shravan calls out to Sky “Stop him Sky!” to which the Warforged shoves the thug with all his might. There is an awful crunching sound as the thug slams into the floor; and he breaths no more.

While Shravan searches the bodies for identification, Sivvi removes the black hood to reveal a very angry Steals a Shirt. Sivvi releases the goblin, which quickly scrambles on top of one of the fallen thugs; and begins to stab him repeatedly. Sandrik appears in the doorway to witness this macabre scene, and after the goblin composes him; introductions are made.

After some discussion, the group decides that Sky and Shravan will return to the Docks with Sivvi and Sandrik. Shravan seems interested in the magical effects that were described and decides to take a look at them for himself. Brianna decides that she has had enough adventure for one night and retires to her room. Steals a Shirt tells the group that he can check with his “contacts” to see if anyone had heard or seen any of the items missing in the black market. The party returns to the docks, but do not find anything else of importance.

Steals a Shirt manages to break into a Locksmith’s house and steals a set of tools. He then checks with his contacts and discovers that no one has seen or heard of any of the missing items. Sandrik decides to return to the temple, Sivvi decides to return to House Ghallanda, and Shravan and Sky return to the Dancing Fox. Game ends for the Night.

This took place on the 16th day of Eyre, 998 YK
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Questions, Answers, and Betrayal in the Cogs: Part Two
Game begins as a continuation of last game session. The party had been ambushed by a feral looking humanoid in a black robe; and the sudden betrayal of Deirdre. Steals a Shirt immediately spun and ran after Deirdre, plunging without hesitation into the darkness. Shravan and Brianna remained on the other side of the large pool of water in the aqueduct room providing melee fire for the other party members.

Large undead began to surface from the pool and Sivvi and Skye began to combat them. Nadalya attempted to call upon Arawai to repel the zombies that attacked them; but could not channel sufficient divine energy to affect them. After several seconds of flailing in the darkness, Steals a Shirt begins to move with determination further down the passageway; away from the party, intent to find Deirdre.

As Sivvi and Skye began dispatching the zombies, the darkness disappears to reveal a feral looking half elf standing next to the stricken Deirdre. Behind them, two other humanoids appear from the gloom; each wearing black or possibly maroon robes. The hood falls back on one of the humanoids; and Sivvi is surprised to see the face of Selnir D’Ghallanda helping Deirdre to her feet.

The feral looking humanoid speaks in a gravelly voice – “I have no quarrel with any of you; give me the book and the notes, and I will trouble you no further.”

The party pauses to consider the offer; however Steals a Shirt does not hesitate. He quickly produces his short bow and unleashes an arrow at Deirdre. The arrow strikes the sorcerer in the back, and she slumps to the ground with a groan. The black robed humanoid scowls in disapproval and speaks again.

“You are beginning to try my patience. Give me the book of Kellen’s notes, and you will all live to see the surface.”

No one speaks or moves, and then without hesitation, Steals a Shirt fires another arrow at the slumped figure on the floor. The arrow strike Deirdre again, who lets out a stifled moan. The vampire raises an eyebrow to the goblins audacity and says.

“Fascinating, but now you have earned my ire goblin; prepare to die.”
The feral humanoid pulls two short swords from their scabbards and the party is quick to engage him. Steals a Shirt quickly draws his own weapon, and moves to attack, but his opponent deftly avoids the goblins strike. The feral half elf moves with blinding speed, striking Steals a Shirt twice, and the goblin collapses to the ground.

The vampire then sheaths his swords, and begins to look thru Steals a Shirt belongings; taking several items from the goblins possessions. Sivvi fires an arrow, but the black robes figure does not seem to notice. Sky confronts the zombies attempting to advance closer to the feral half elf.

Nadalya produces her holy symbol and with determination, attempts to turn the half elf believing him to be undead. While her efforts are laudable, they seem to only annoy the creature further; who snarls with long fangs at the holy symbol.

Sky takes a few swings at the half elf, but they seem to have little effect on him. Sivvi fires another volley of arrows which also seem to do little against the half elf. Brianna fires arrows at the humanoid; and Shravan peers from around the corner at the melee.

Nadalya casts a healing spell on Steals a Shirt and his eyes flicker open as he begins to reach for his weapon. Skye continues to strike at the creature, but with little affect. The creature locks eyes with Nadalya and she freezes in her tracks, unable to break away from the creatures piercing gaze. Sivvi moves closer producing his weapon. The goblin rises to his feet, and immediately engages the creature.

“Fascinating!” exclaims the vampire as he deftly avoids the goblin’s swing. The creature draws a sword and strikes the goblin, and Steals a Shirt once more collapses to the ground. The Vampire looks at the fallen goblin as if he was considering something and then turns to leave.

Sivvi reaches the fallen goblin, and quickly pours a potion into his mouth; and once more the goblin slowly rises from the ground fumbling for his weapon.

“Fascinating!” why won’t to remain dead!?!” cries the vampire he steps aside the goblins swing and strikes him again. The goblin falls to the ground for a third time, mortally wounded from the blow. Skye goes to attack the vampire and is surprised to see Nadalya block his path and raise her weapon. This action truly stuns the Warforged who stops to determine what the Shifter is intending to do. Shravan and Brianna watch from a distance, while Sivvi attempts to bandage the fallen Goblin.

The Vampire once again turns away from the melee, and begins to walk away into the darkness. After a few seconds, Nadalya shakes her head; and then goes to tend to the fallen Goblin. Skye goes to pursue the vampire, but Sivvi tells him to remain with the rest of the party. Shravan and Brianna join the group and Steals a Shirt wearily gets to his feet and begins slowly collecting his belongings.

The group decides to continue on to the surface and begins the trek. The time passes uneventful, and before too long, the group once again emerges from the Cogs to the surface. A slight breeze brought fresh air to the weary party. Since they had dissappeared into the Cogs the group had only rested for a few hours; and had faced combat twice.

After a few quiet moments, Nadalya said that she would return to her temple for rest and reflection on the recent events. Brianna then said that she wanted to return to the Dancing Fox, and Shravan agreed with her; thinking of the soft bed, and possibly a warm meal waiting for him.

“I am going to House d’Cannith, for some answers.” Steals a Shirt said quietly with a look of determination in his eye. The goblin had not said much since in the last few hours, only wearing a sullen expression on his face. The others departed, leaving the goblin with Sivvi and the Warforged.

“I also seek answers, I shall come with you.” Sky said, as if he had made an important discovery. Steals a Shirt nodded, and started making his way thru the maze of passageways to House d’Cannith, with the Warforged and Sivvi walking silently behind him.

Before long the group had arrived at the foreboding walls of House d’Cannith and after some terse words, were led into the main audience chamber. Before them was a large ornate table with a large assortment of food and drink; and they were told to make themselves comfortable.
Soon after, Lucas emerged dressed in his bedclothes; for the hour was late. He descended down the grand staircase, somewhat surprised at the goblins appearance. From there, a very tense negotiation began between Lucas and Steals a Shirt; focusing on the money (and other tangibles) that were promised. Ultimately the conversation ended with Lucas making a halfhearted restitution to compensate the party. Steals a Shirt took the coins begrudgingly, knowing that he was not getting his due; but realizing that this was an argument that he had no hope of winning.

With some tense words, the three were escorted from House d’Cannith and back into the streets of Sharn. Steals a Shirt spend several long moments starting at the foreboding stone tower of the Dragonmarked House before silently walking away. Sivvi then returned to House d’Ghallanda and was reunited with his betrothed. Sky then walked back to the Dancing Fox, and sat on a bench looking out the tavern window at the starry night; and remained that way until sunrise. Game ended for the Night.

This took place on the 6th day of Eyre, 998 YK
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Questions, Answers, and Betrayal in the Cogs
Game had started with the group resting at the vestibule where the ancient Dwarven laboratories were. Steals a Shirt took some time to examine Sky and try to determine his true nature. Steals a Shirt was able to determine that Sky’s construction had followed the blueprints and the notes he had read in Kellen D’Shahine Journal. But that was where the similarities ended. There was no mention of the Warforge’s incredible strength, or his spontaneous resurrection. Curious still was the large Siberys Dragonshard that was glowing inside Sky’s chest cavity. There was no mention anywhere in the journal or the notes of the Siberys Dragonshard; which was impressive in itself. The goblin mused that the Dragonshard itself was valuable enough to cause a small war, but inserted into the Warforged... it made Sky a very special Warforged indeed. But why would Arneth take such an incredibility rare and powerful item; and place it inside this Warforged? The appearance of this Dragonshard only created more questions.

The group reposed themselves, and then they turned to Deirdre D’Cannith. She was no worse for wear, but her hands were bound as to prevent spell casting and she was still gagged. The Goblin took off her gag, and a round of questions quickly ensued.

Firstly, Steals a Shirt expressed his displeasure with Deirdre’s overall performance and he had felt she had not upheld her end of the deal they had made. He had pondered aloud on why he should keep her alive. She expressed that upon her return to Sharn that she would ensure that he would get everything that was owed to him, and more; provided she arrived at the surface alive and unharmed. Steals a Shirt begrudgingly agreed to this, but stressed that he should be impressed with his reward; or there would be consequences.

At that point Shravan stepped forward and had asked Deirdre why she was seeking him out. Deirdre seemed a little surprised when Shravan revealed his identity. The conversation continued with the D’Cannith mage apologizing for the overzealous behavior of the Deneith mercenary’s and the local militia. She went on to reveal with some reluctance, that around fifty years ago, there was a powerful mage with house Cannith named Kellen D’Shahine. Kellen had done extensive work on the creation of the Warforged, and in the last years of the war, was said to be creating a better and more powerful Warforged. It was said that he became disillusioned with the War, or his work, and denounced his place within House Cannith. He then took all of his research and abruptly vanished; never to be found again. Many years had passed and it was assumed that House Cannith had lost is important research; another casualty of war. However, recently it was discovered that not only had Kellen’s research might have survived. It was then when the goblin revealed the Journal of Kellen, and that he knew that Shravan might be connected to it; albeit with a smug smile. Deirdre continued, by saying that it was rumored that a powerful Kalashtar had casted a psionic spell on one of Kellen’s descendants; and that knowledge and research lives on magically secured within this person’s mind. Deirdre the proposed while Shahine was a fairly uncommon name; and that Shravan was one of the few within Sharn that had such that last name. More importantly, was that if this descendent had received this powerful Psionic Spell from the Kalashtar; that they would bear a seven pointed star shaped birthmark somewhere on their body. She knew that Shravan’s last name was Shahine, and she also was pretty confident that he had a birthmark on his torso that matched the description. If this was the case, she had asked that he return with her to House Cannith for “protection” and to allow the more powerful members of the House to attempt to obtain the information that could be trapped within his mind. She assured him that the House would reimburse him for his efforts with magical training, items, or money if he so desired. But before they could fully discuss payment, they needed to determine if he was indeed a descendant of Kellen D’Shahine.

Shravan decided to step to the corner of the room to discuss with Brianna; and decide what to do. Her recommendation was to at least determine if he was a descendant; and hopefully try to escape if they didn’t like what the House had in mind. Shravan said that he didn’t know where to go; and Brianna told him not to worry, that she had some resources. She would not reveal anything further than that.

Sivvi approached Sky and urged him not to answer too many questions that came from Deirdre D’Cannith; and told him that he should put on his Monk Robes and try to keep a low profile. At this point Deirdre approached, and Sivvi gave her a scowl and retreated.

Deirdre marveled at Sky’s construction, and asked who is Creator was. Without hesitation Sky responded with Arneth D’Cannith; and Sivvi rolled his eyes. She then went on to ask where he was created and he responded with the creation forge that was in Arneth’s laboratory in Blaine. She deduced that he had not been constructed as the other Warforged; and surmised that he was the result of Kellen’s original notes.

At this time, Steals a Shirt produced the journal of Kellen D’Cannith in front of Deirdre and her eyes narrowed at the sight of it. The goblin revealed that he had given House Cannith only a copy of the notes, written in his own hand on the journey back from Blaine. He still held the original journal, and intended to keep it. She asked what his intention was with the Journal; and the goblin merely smiled and didn’t answer.

The group decided it was time to continue their progress out of the Cogs, and began retracing their steps. Deirdre asked several members of the party to untie her; but was rebuffed at each attempt. The party weaved their way along the ancient Dwarven corridors making their way back to the lava bed they had crossed.

Just before they had reached the lava bed, the party turned a corner to discover that it was blocked entirely by a giant stone wall. It was quickly determined that it was placed there magically; either by a powerful magic user, or someone who possessed a powerful magic item. There was some deliberation, but it was decided that Sky should attempt to break thru the wall. Sky attacked the wall with frightening speed and power, creating a tremendous amount of noise.
However, no one came to investigate and minutes later the Warforged broke a large hole in the wall. The party passed thru and continued on.

They had reached the lava bed in short order, and once again Steals a Shirt began to be challenged by the shifting lava pools and the sulfur and smoke. Sivvi was able to assist him and together they began to make progress. As the group was coming down a small ridge, they were attached by two large dogs that seemed to be made entirely of flowing magma. Sky charged on of the dogs and dispatched it with a powerful fist strike; reducing it to smoldering embers within seconds. The other dog was mortally wounded, and slid back into the lava pool whence it came.

The party resumed their journey and was able to cross the lava pools, and returned to the small village they had passed thru before; and solemnly walked thru to reach the sewers. Once they reached the sewers the group was able to more quickly; the goblin was more confident of his surroundings.

At last they reached the Aqueduct, only to find that the area was once again flooded; the water creeping up the passageway. Steals a Shirt, Sivvi, and Nadalya entered the murky waters to begin swimming to the other side; when they discovered they were not alone. The water was filled with humanoid zombies, intent on grappling the three adventurers.

At the same time, Deirdre suddenly freed herself from her bonds; and pointed her hand at the surprised faces of Brianna, Shravan, and Sky. The three collapsed without a sound. On the other end of the murky pool appeared another human with long silver hair, pale skin, and dark flowing robes.

Steals a Shirt surfaced, and saw that his friends were in trouble. He cast a spell to wake them, and rushed out of the water at Deirdre, with his Axe brandished. Sivvi continued to try to pull the grate open at the bottom of the aqueduct and combatted with the zombie grappling him. Nadalya was able to invoke the power of Arawai, and the zombies fled down the tunnels at the manifestation of the God of Life.

The battle had quickly turned, and the element of surprise was lost to the villains. Shravan awoke, rolled over and fired a blast of eldritch magic at Deirdre. He nearly hit, and quickly scrambled away from her. Brianna rose from the floor and drew her short bow on the mage. Sky rose, and looked somewhat puzzled at the turn of events. Steals a Shirt did not hesitate and rushed out of the water to strike at Deirdre. He scored a mortal blow; Deirdre screamed as his Axe cut deep into her.

The human in the dark cloak cried out, his voice booming, seeming to freeze Steals a Shirt in his tracks. Deirdre took the opportunity to fly across the pool to the side of the pale human, and they quickly retreated into the darkness. Steals a Shirt pursued, but was unable to locate them in the magical darkness. The party regrouped at the side of the pool, and game ended for the night.

This took place on the 6th day of Eyre, 998 YK
Session: Escape from the Cogs - Saturday, Nov 12 2011 from 8:15 AM to 1:15 PM
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Epic × 2!
Battle at the Foundry, Deirdre's rescue, and the resurrection of Sky.
Game begun with the group was standing at the top of the stone stairs which opened into a large cavernous room. The room was egg shaped with steel platforms suspended over a bed of lava. There was a center platform, where Arenth stood with Deirdre; and she was suspended in chains over the lava bed.

Suspended on several platforms surrounding Deirdre was the dark assailants that had kidnapped her; all armed with bows and swords. A single chain suspension bridge was all that connected the platform to the corridor the group emerged from.

The party engaged the kidnappers immediately, encountering problems from the beginning. Sky began running across the chain bridge, lost his balance, and fell into the rocks far below. Shravan, Brianna, and Nadalya, all encountered the same problems each having difficulty retaining their balance on the swaying bridge. Steals a Shirt managed to make it to the other side, and engaged the enemy, while managing to keep balance on the swaying platforms. Sivvi had also managed to traverse the chain bridge soon after Steals a Shirt; and began engaging the enemy on the other flank.

The others managed to regain their balance and began returning missile fire to the enemy, and despite the loss of Sky; the tide of battle began to slowly turn in favor of the adventurers.

Sensing that his dark assailants were losing the battle, Arenth cast flight upon himself, and attempted to escape thru the access shaft in the ceiling. He had made it to the ceiling some sixty feet overhead; but was felled by a blast of arcane energy from Shravan.

As the tide of battle began to turn, and sensing that they would not be victorious; the remaining dark assailents leapt to the stone walls to try to climb to freedom. One of the assailants kicked a lever with his foot, and Deirdre was suddenly plunged towards the lava bed below. The dark assailants attempted to scale the walls, and only one of the assailents had managed to make it to the top.

Steals a Shirt leapt forward, managing to grab onto the chain that held Deirdre, and stop her descent with an amazing feat of strength. While his efforts was impressive, he was helpless as watched the dead body of the sorcerer, lifeless and limp, began its slow descent into the lava bed below.

The remaining chains and steel platforms of the Foundry quickly became unstable, and had begun to collapse and fall into the lava below. The players scrambled across the collapsing structure and barely made it across the bridge before the structure fell into ruin into the lava below. Steals a Shirt pulled Deirdre onto the ledge safely, and they all sat for a moment to catch their breath.

As the group was resting, much to their amazement, a battered arm of a Warforged emerged from the cliff face; and Sky climbed up to meet them. Each of the party was stunned at this turn of events, for each of them watched helplessly as he fell to certain death on the rocks below. And yet, he stood before them, his torso glowing with bluish-white radiance; his battered body regenerating at an amazing rate.

For Sky to survive that deadly fall would have taken a miracle; but he stood before them, apparently unaware of the magical powers that enabled his miraculous revival.

The group continued back down the Cog’s corridors until they finally reached the area that had the Dwarven laboratories. All of the heavy stone doors that lead to the rooms were closed, and so, they gathered around a small stone fountain attempt to rest and heal from their wounds.

Steals a Shirt had approached Sky to marvel at his new found magical manifestation. There was a large crystal that was anchored in the center of the Warforge’s torso which was pulsing with bluish white light. The Group decided to rest here before continuing, and Game ended for the night.

This took place on the 5th day of Eyre, 998 YK
Session: Down to the Cogs - Saturday, Aug 06 2011 from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM
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