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Night One - The Half-Orc Assassin
The first run went well, considering there was only one player. It was an impromptu game, but it came off well thanks to the background tables from the Westgate Adventures! Campaign Sourcebook that's in production. I'd call it a successful playtest of that material. What follows is a basic run-down of the night's events:

Thomas the half-orc had grown up in Oakhenge, a small town along the road to the southwest of the city of Westgate. The town felt an odd responsibility for Thomas, even though they treated him poorly most of his life. To keep him out of sight (and out of town) during the day, he was placed in the ranks of the local militia and sent out for daily patrols in the nearby wilderness. At night, he lived in a single-room shack at the very edge of town.

Thomas finally decided on revenge against the town. After his daily patrol, he crept home and waited for nightfall. Then he made his way to the home of the town's mayor, the leader and lawmaker for Oakhenge. By killing the mayor, Thomas would be delivering a blow to the entire community.

Along the way, he was stopped by one of the evening patrols, a single guard who told him to head home. In exchange, the guard would go into the tavern (Thomas was never allowed inside) and buy a pitcher of beer for him. When the guard's back was turned, Thomas snuck up behind him and slit his throat.

When Thomas finally made his way inside the garden gate of the mayor's house, he was nearly discovered by a drunk stumbling out of the tavern. A quick shot from Thomas' bow dropped the drunk in the street. Then Thomas made his way into the mayor's home.

He was none too stealthy in the house, but the snoring of the mayor masked most of Thomas' loud movements. Thomas was able to make his way upstairs and kill the mayor and the mayor's wife in their sleep. Meanwhile, outside, the town had discovered the bodies of the guard and drunkard.

Thomas found the mayor's five year old daughter in her room. She was wide awake in fear, and she screamed as Thomas slew her. This noise alerted the townsfolk to Thomas' location. As they entered the house, Thomas set fire to the place and jumped out the window. The last thing he saw before escaping was the mayor's teenage son, who stood in shock and horror at the scene. Thomas grinned at him before plunging into the night.

The town chased Thomas through the forests, and he only managed to escape by sheer luck. Trying to leap across a fast-moving stream, Thomas instead plunged in and was swept away by the current. When he pulled himself out, wet and exhausted, he found a nearby cave to curl up inside and rest for the remainder of the night...

So went the first segment of Thomas the half-orc assassin. He's on the run with little resources and no companions, deep in the forests between Oakhenge and Westgate. The nearby stream will dump into the larger Voria River, where Westgate itself resides.
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