The town of Loudwater offers a well-defended rest stop for caravans, riverboats and wanderers. Whilst the nearby communities of Llorkh and Zelbross lie in ruins, Loudwater survives, although more recently with a diminished, and somewhat nervous population…

To the north stand the brooding trees of the High Forest, to the south is the High Moor, infamous for numerous beasts and monsters that lurk in the mists, possibly guarding the ruins of bygone kingdoms.

Loudwater feels like a frontier town more than a bustling centre of commerce. Having once boasted a far greater population it’s days of prosperity are more than a century gone. Most of the town’s current residents, primarily humans and half-elves, most others treated with anything from awe to outright distrust bordering on hatred, are not old enough to recall them.

Loudwater never fully recovered from the disruption of trade brought about in the wake of the Spellplague, yet unlike many towns, it at least still stands, but for how long?

The trade routes west to Secomber, east across the Graypeak Mountains and south into Cormyr have been quieter and quieter of late, the level of goblin activity has been increasing to a worryingly high level.

The call to arms has gone out from most of the towns and settlements within the Vale, and of course, where there is a threat to the populace, there is usually the possibility of earning a gold coin or two, which is how you found yourself in Loudwater this spring, 1479 DR (Dale Reckoning).

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