After a bloody civil war, the lands of Notholm were divided into a number of smaller countries. Following this change the people rebelled against what they saw as a draconian hold that Pelor and Behamut had on their choices of religions. As people began to worship who they wanted foul elements began to develop in society, eventually leading to degradation of morals in society. The churches of Pelor and Behamut spoke out against these developments only to become persecuted for their stand. This lead to a flight of the clergy and many members of the church from civilized lands. Persecution followed them until they found refuge with the elves in a hidden valley. There the elves and dwarves worked together to ward and physically hide the valley from the outside.
A thousand years have passed and the wards are beginning to fail, the people of the valley are worried that society will renew their aggression. For a long time none within the valley had to worry about war or strife, even the rare bands of goblins in the mountains surrounding the valley could be dealt with by the Avejon Guard. Now however adventurers are needed to roam beyond the wards and discover the source of their failing.

* note: As a matter of the campaign all races have the same lifespan as humans. Constructs, while they don't have a lifespan do require renewal of their power sources which can result in a complete wipe of memories and sometimes personalities.

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