A campaign following ENWorld's
War of the Burning Sky adventure path.

When this campaign log begins, the players have already completed Adventure 1 (The Scouring of Gate Pass) and are almost done with Adventure 2 (The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar).

The PCs are:
Heskan (Dragonborn sorcerer)
Kelstuv (Half-orc barbarian)
Tybalt Kalar (Half-elven bard)
Varis (Elven avenger)

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Up to 2/9
March 27-29
Without their commander, the Steppengard forces are forced to call a truce. They send word to Bresk for orders, and the report comes back to return to the capital. King Steppengard calls for a tournament of unification in the capital in three days.

March 30-31
The party travels to Bresk as Duke Gallo's bodyguards.

April 2-3
The party attends the tournament in Bresk. Kelstuv wins the jousting tournament in one of the most unorthodox tourneys in Dassen history. He wins a massive war horse named Xantini. Tybalt wins an entertainment competition, winning a plot of land in Lady Dene's realm.

Varis finds a lead to a poisoning plot at the King's Banquet, and the party warns Duke Gallo. Gallo asks them to rescue Jinis from the King's dungeon, and the party heads through a secret passage into the castle. In the castle, they kill Inquisitor Torrax and capture the Ragesian ambassador. They also rescue Jinis and burst into the banquet hall before the poisoned dishes can be served. Nina Glibglammer reveals herself to really be a trillith named Madness, but without the poison to madden the nobles, they join the party to roundly defeat her, with Tybalt's Song of Forms making sure she dies quickly.

The party is rewarded with plots of land in Lord Megadon's realm, and are knighted by Duke Gallo. They are also given money and treasure from the King's treasury--and Kelstuv finds out that he is not in the Book of Eight Lands.

Balan informs the party that a sending ritual has informed him that Seaquen requests the party's assistance again. One of their other groups has disappeared.
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March 25
The party travels through a tunnel to within striking distance of Thravanvost's tent. They attempt to silence the patrolling guards, but fail and a grand melee ensues. The war-mage is eventually killed.

March 26
Tybalt leads the PCs into battle against Steppengard's forces. With Tybalt's inspired leadership, and the wyvern attacks from Kelstuv and Varis' mighty blade, the party manages to hold their section of land against the invaders. After the second wave of battle, Duke Gallo calls upon the party to use an ancient tunnel to go into the Steppengard command post and capture Konigsmarshal Malkan, the opposing general.

The party infiltrates the opposing command center and fight Malkan and his guards, along with the increasingly disturbing gnome Nina Glibglammer, who leaves the battle by walking through the wall. Malkan is captured and returned to Duke Gallo.
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March 19-20
The party heads to Pitchburg to convince them to melt the river to slow Steppengard's troops. Father ALbert, the town leader, agrees, but only if the party is able to talk to the pitchlings, small fey creatures that live in the Pitchwood. The party heads into the Pitchwood and through cunning and skill defeats the pitchlings in 2 of 3 games (Pitchballl, capture the scale mail, and a trivia contest). The pitchlings agree to harry Steppengard's force, and Father Albert agrees to pitch the river.

March 21
The party rather easily convinces Lord Dashgoban to send 3000 troops to the aid of Lord Gallo.

March 22-23
The party scales the Glaskeel Cliffs, a half-mile wall, that nearly sees Kelstuv hurled to his doom. At the top, they talk to Lady Timor, but their extinguishing of the Fire Forest makes her reluctant to help them without more solid proof than a single, uncooperative Ragesian soldier. They have no other proof, and they are forced to leave her lands without securing her aid.

March 24
The party returns to Duke Gallo and tells him of their diplomatic missions. He explains his battle plans and asks for their help in establishing an offensive before the battle begins. He asks how the party can help, and the party decides that their energy would be best spent going after Kelkin Thravanvost, Steppengard's war-mage. They decide to leave the next night to make their assault.
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Catching up before 1/12
March 5-9
The party travels by sleigh to Bresk. Along the way, a sleigh accident leaves Balan unconscious. The party encounters King Steppengard's Talons assaulting a woman and her halfling friends. The party intervenes, rescuing the woman. The party uses Balan's papers to get through the gates of Bresk.

March 10-13
The party gathers information on the power players in Dassen politics. They use this information to help them make a case for an alliance between Dassen and Seaquen, but only after they see Jinis (the representative of Lord Gallo, and the man to whom they are delivering a message for his son) arrested. The King and his advisor, a gnome named Nina Glibglammer, refuse the party's petition. There is some posturing between the party and the Ragesian ambassador. The party avoids assassination by staying away from their inn, but Balan is later killed by an assassin. After a brief mishap with Kelstuv's boar, the party flees Bresk and heads north to Gallo's Fend.

March 14-18
The party's journey north is hampered slightly by some pursuing Dassen soldiers, but the soldiers turn back to Bresk when the party eludes them. At Gallo's Fend, the party meets Duke Gallo, and agree to check out the situation at one of his watch posts along the Ragesian border which hasn't done its daily report. Upon investigating, the party steals a wyvern and two Ragesians before heading back to Duke Gallo.
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From 10/7
March 1-3
The party travels back through the swamp, arriving at Vidor, the town from which they bough their boats a few weeks earlier. This time, they find the town changed. The refugees have moved closer to the town center, and armed guards patrol the periphery.

Some questioning of the locals finds that three people have been brutally killed in the last week, and the town leaders are debating about what to do. Varis and Kelstuv search for tracks from the killers, and Varis finds the tracks of a troll. Meanwhile, Tybalt talks to a half-elf named Aregal who claims that in his dreams, he was in contact with Khadral who gave him the ability to breathe fire. Recognizing the pressing need of the party, Aregal gives them his horses and sleighs in return for the party's rowboats.

Heskan finally reverts to his own mind, and he is able to use his magic map to trace out a path to the trolls' lair--in a pyramid similar to the one where the party recaptured the attercop spiders. There is some debate about what to do next, and Balan refuses to be party to anything that delays his mission to Bresk. Outvoted by the party, Balan waits in Vidor, while the party goes troll hunting.

In two fierce battles, the party kills a number of trolls, but not before the trolls slay Tybalt. The rest of the party flees.

March 4
The party returns to Vidor.
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